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Hey Birdie

"Check This Out, I'm Up Before The Sunrise Tryna Get Swole, Waiting For The Early Bird To Try To Catch The Worm, So I Can Get Me Some Chicken, Heard Me" - SupremeAllah

It Never Ends

" Keep Spitting Like Super Man Into The Mic, Thinking You More Doper, Than The Smoke Coming Out Of A Crack Pipe "

Do Right All Tha Time

Why Is It, When Someone Do You Good, You Do Them Wrong & When They Do You Wrong Why They Ain't Right ???


" Rest In Peace, Jesus, You Was A Man Who Let Us Believe In A Folly That Our Nation Of The United States For Over 400 Years & All You Had To Do Was Tell Us Ahmad, Will Be Our Next Messenger, While The World Praised You As They Lord, Preaching False Profitery To Different Moralities, As You Pass On Tuesday & Ressurrect On Sunday, To Live For A Couple Of Day's, Coming From Behind A Rock, As God Killed By Man, You Refused The Devil's Offerring To Turn Stones Into Bread But, Tried To Make People Believe, To Hold Mind Strength To Walk On Water & Hold They Basket's To The Sky For God's Offerrings Of More Feast & At The Last Supper You Was Welched By The Wise Men Like You Had No Employable Status To Take Care Of Ones Self, I Can't Blame You For What King Herod & His Wise Men, Stole From You & That Was The Real Life Of Christ & When God Took Over His Thrown, You Told The People Of The World, It Was You He Had Left It Too, So I Say Thank You Jesus For Our Food & Daily Bread, In Jesus Name Amen "

I'm Not Farrakhan

" I'm Am Not The Mister Farrakhan, I Am God, The Man Who Created The Heavans & Earth First....."

The Current Truth Period

" I'm Your Favorite Drug Dealer Mascot, Can't You Tell Why His Or Her Spot Is Or Not Hot, Or Can't You Tell By How U Ain't Seen Me On My Own Block, Ask Your Girl Why She Acting Like All The Rest Of The Girls, When I Don't Let Her Suck My Cock "

The Grand Rapper

" I Be Wrapping These Rap Artist's Up Like Christmas Gifts, For Santa Clause Not Jesus .... "


This Doggy Like To Do The Froggy, Until The Pussy Lips, Get Soggy !!!

Drag Queen

Don't Mean To Strike Like A Feen To A Crack Pipe, Yo Girl Ain't Been Suching My Magic Stick, So I Guess She Running Around Town, Just As Half Of A Feen, She Use To Be, Which Had Me Considered Tha King, Until I Hit Tha Hood & Changed A Few Things, Hollered At My Queens Cousin, Told Her To Tell Her To Put Me Up On Something, So I Can Bang Against ...

Screamming Free Him, Free Him, Free Him On The Block

See I Came Up From The Gutter, Being Player Hated By The Husband Of My Mother, Which Was My Undercover Clucker, That Played Me Like Jim Balushi, Mother Fucha's, Gridlock'd To The Block, Where I Sold & Produced, Rock & Cock, Pop, Smoked Out In My Spot, Thinking It's The Old Days, Got Him & His Wife Living In My House Like Two Dogg's, Fuching In A Cage, My Baller Rap, Wrap Words On A Page, Like His Bitch Want To Do Wit Her Lips, Around This Magic Stick's, Strip Pole, Everytime He Trick Her Like His Wife Gone, Working For The Old Age, How Powerful I Came, Be Like Killing Nigga's, Who Robbed Me From My Younger Days, Ran Up On Me, Shot & Flee, Now So Called Running My Street's Undercover, As The Police, Feds Been Here To Render The Dead Bodies Of The Soul's, Who Didn't Put In, Living This Life Again, A Tru Rap, Brought Back, By The Real Reincarnator, Ressurrecting, His Self As The Profit, That Rule This Facebook Sector, Back To The Block, Moe Money To Stock, Boy, I'm Like Silk Tha Shocker, About To Leave The Whole World Trippled Shocked, Until The Mentalities Of The Enemies, Of My Flesh, Rot, Inside The Head Of The Individuals, Hating Non-Stop ...