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Blinded.... Not by Love

Here today and gone tomorrow, I'm taking back the heart I let you borrow. I should be careful, a tad bit more, I don't need another break like before. She held it, she had it and then it fell, But my heart didn't break, intead swelled. Swollen to the point any moment it could burst, I thought she took care of my heart and eased the hurt. In actuality she just spatz on that bitch and swepped the dirt. Made my shit look bright, I was so damn hyped! Reality sat in and we became distant, And that love we once shared ended in an instant. Is this cupid playing a game? or, Is love what's driving me insane? Sings about love, that's no surprise, But love could very well be my demise........ .................(sigh)............ See when I meet a girl, I give her my all, And as I give, she and I, begin to fall. The formula for love, that should last a lifetime. Is you and I, equal us, now that's my life-line. But in her mind, things began to change, No more phone calls in the midst of the day, Saying "I love you", corny shit like "I miss you" When I just seen you, so how could I miss you??? Guess love for you was more of an infatuation, You took my heart, and gave it probat... wait a second, am I saying too much, Are you really pissed off because I didn't miss you enough??? What is real love? Real love is not facebook, Relationship status constantly changing, more than The King of Pop's look. RIP to MJ, I'm just making a point, Shawty never loved me, she was making a point. See she told me things, I have never heard, But it's just whispers in the air, hummingbird.

ZMG/80 Proof

Artist: Currently Vijay Raju (Problem Child Pro.) is working on video for "Yellow Lines". Ava'Nu is working on a photoshoot, upcoming shows and also finishing up his album "My Ava'Nu". Tone "Pop Like Soda" can be found on google.com www.reverbnation.com/avanu