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Excerpt on Endless Forgiveness

I do agree with being Endlessly forgiving. Jesus asked the father to forgive them because he knew the father takes vengeance on those who wrongly persecute his children. Jesus wanted the disciples to understand that we have no need to wrath when our purpose is too valuable. Paul wrote in his epistle to the roman church; " Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, vengence is mine, I will repay , saith the Lord." (Romans 12:19 KJV) That is the reason Christ asked that they be forgiven, because His death had to be, and the people didn't realize that. However, Jesus told the disciples; "But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." (Luke 22:36). This was to say now that I am Gone you must defend yourselves and support yourselves. For a brief moment he was to be absent from reach. Yet later( after the reception of Power) the disciples learned that their wrath could be turned over to God, and God would gladly see to the punishment of the oppressor. Yet so many Christians don't ask God to take their wrath...? Instead they take offense and loose focus on the purpose they have been given.. The Purpose of giving life, health and strength to the oppressed and weary. It is important not to get wrapped up in time wasting quarrels when you are such an important piece of a grand design. You calling is too high and quarrels are beneath you. So yes I practice endless forgiveness, but what God does to those who cross me is between them and the creator. Here is a great read for those who found this Interesting: Study Ephesians 6 More specifically the 12th verse you can find in depth reading here : http://biblehub.com/ephesians/6-12.htm

*** This excerpt was written by me in my Devry University Religion 448 Class Dicussion***

Unspoken Treasure

Somewhere deep inside each of lay hidden potential. Untapped capabilities that resound from within. Pounding on our intestinal fortitude, and pumping us up for a brighter future. Often over looked, we go on day to day, pressing this value into a box as if no one in the world would respect it's greatness. So we, in turn, continue on in a bland society without true presence. After all, that is how a person is defined, by the differences found among may that carry the same build, but the champions are often bred of different characteristics. They are found abroad, possessing a uniqueness that cannot be matched. This is the final synopsis of a finely developed character,the belief in self. However, none of this would be without first accepting the difference within, or even being willing to admit that there was something special inside! Be bold! Embrace that greatness within you! Speak of the unspoken treasure that awaits the world, but live inside of you! Be blessed, Poetiq

The Makeover!!

I am giving myself a Total Make over!! New Look, New Sound and a new Way of doing things! Let me get started by saying now all music is downloadable and have lyrics !! My comments will always be open and questions will be answered with all honesty! please give feed back on any way you see that I can improve or have a greater Impact on society!

Prepare for Beyond Infinity

As Jesus taught the disciples in Luke 21, we me constantly be prepared for the second coming, not only prepared but alert to current issues. I want to encourage each of you my listeners and friends in Christ, Lift your eyes to heaven. Keep watch lest you be caught unaware in the drunkeness of this world. Our home is no longer in this realm, but we have become citizens of the 'On high Kingdom" which is beyond infinity. Lets embrace the last of days with an open heart to Christ's compassion. While the world trembles in fear for the current turn of event's we should rejoice, for our redemption draws nigh! Be blessed and know that you are a chosen remnant of the king! your crown awaits! Don't Give Up!

Hearing When We Cannot See!

In the most troublesome times of our lives, when we are faced with some difficult choices concerning things we love but aren't good for us. We often cannot see because we are blinded by our desire. It is thes moment that determine our future. Depending on our decision, our lives will drastically change for the better or the worst. However, We are so blind that this becomes irrelevant at the time. We must learn to hear God in our darkest hours of sin as he pleads for our return. His voice is in all the teachings he has left at our disposal, and some times the blindness is the catalyst that give wings to the word of our salvation. because it is in the middle of our weakness and struggles that God is Magnified and Immortalized in our life. Stay on the Watch, Pray unceasing, And keep Praise in your heart. (Watch,Pray,Praise)

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