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Put yourself out there!

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there and not worry about what happens. You just might be amazed by the circumstances to follow.

What's so fun 'bout peace, love, and drums?

I love playing the drums. I can turn to my drums and get lost in them. My worries and troubles seem to disappear and my mood shifts to positive. Drumming has given me freedom and joy, energy and fulfillment. I thank God everyday for this.

If I am not just playing for my own enjoyment, one of the best things about playing for other artists, is the satisfaction of enhancing their songs. It's a thrill to see a big smile on their faces when they hear the songs with my drums.

Playing for an audience certainly has it's rewards, as well. Giving a positive flow of energy to a crowd and feeling it in return is so powerful that I have gotten so caught up in it, it has brought me to tears right there on stage! I don't think anyone has noticed. :) I'm such a softy.

And now, the satisfaction from teaching drums. Amazing! I want others to experience what I experience when I play. Playing an instrument is uplifting and therapeutic. Besides that, playing and instrument teaches discipline and makes you smarter. And above all, it is FUN.

I hope to teach you, play for you or with you sometime in the near future.

\m/ O.O \m/ Meshem