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"The Firth of Forth"

My latest release. All instrumental record Due out this Friday the 28th!

On May 27th The Music is Over

All Art and Music stops. Find out why? www.facebook.com/andrew.lindquist90

Breaking News:

Art and music is a crime

Freedom's Mantra is Here!

Positrons! I Dare you to Dig Into this Record! RAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWK!

Good Day to be a Positron!

Good morning My Positrons! All is good in the land of music today. Please have a listen to "Just Dream" its trending this week. Give it a go around! Rawk on Positrons! You know me loves you!

Hey Horizon

yet another new song from yours truly!

Sunrise Edition

This album is reaching people's hearts in a significant way. All I ask is that you listen. We are all in this together! Enjoy, my Positrons!

"Soulstronomy" January 1st. Release

I am so excited about this record! For Real! Its my first R&B/Soul record in quite some time. I'm hoping and praying that you love it too. Stay tuned!

there is always hope...

For Sure. Why do I do what I do? Because.......frankly, I love it! I may not be rich and I may not be famous. But I am happy. I will be releasing my 14th record in January. And that feels pretty great. Thank you to all of you, who build me up when I am down. Thank You! Just keep listening and listening and listening! I care, I care A Lot!

When the biz gets you down....

When you get tired and you feel like you wanna quit.... been there.....hang on! Your dreams may turn out to be much different than you imagined. Usually......well.....not as much money that your R&R dream played out, but you got to do it because you love it! It always shows in the music. Stretch yourself, emotionally and creatively. I am ever so impressed with all of you and your great tenacity and charm...as the great David Essex said..."Rock On"