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turn it up!

hey everyone! hope everyone is enjoying their summer, i know we have..been through some ups and downs but all for the better i think. just finished up tracking for our second EP (currently untitled) 7 songs that are very raw. we put a lot of energy in to this one. the guitars are beefier and drums are heavier. over all we really reached deep into our punk rock pasts and really brought the raw energy back into our music. even a revamp of an old song will be featured on the new album..(not for lack of material) merely because the track was worthy of a rewrite and went solidly with the "feel" of the new EP. there is no official realese date ...although we'd like to have it done by october if its at all possible. but i will definitely keep every one posted for the realease. on another note shows have filled the calander again. we are pretty much playing every weekend and a few weekdays in there, until november. next show is AUG. 24 and 26th the 24th is at stadium with our good friends sovriegn sound. the 26th will be at rudyards for the rudyards anniversery show. more goings on in the Grizzly world, Grizzly will be joining the ranks of the PUNKSTAR boys and DYKES ON BYKES on a UK tour! dates will be set soon so CHEERS! and WATCH OUT UK!!!

see you all out there

CG~ ps we may be releasing a single here pretty quick..ill keep yall updated.

down time

so after a few show cancelations, we realized we havent really stopped long enough to get anything productive done. we are going back in the studio to record a new EP. we are actually contemplating a double release because we have recorded the better part of a full length but when inspiration leads you..you follow. now we have basically two different feeling albums on our hands that we dont want to mix up.. hence a double release. we will keep you all updated as it happens. cheers!! Grizzly

How Fast They Fade EP

The long awaited EP will be available to buy online very soon! Keep checking back to our page for updates. EP release party in the works as well, we'll keep you posted. Become a fan on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GRIZZLY/129070717105070 See ya soon!