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So I let her get to me

Saturday night I played a place I've been playing for years. Big John's Pub. It was a Halloween party and I was the entertainment for the night (four hours). As I was breaking into the night, a woman came up to me and said "You shouldn't be here" I thought be where? "You shouldn't be here". "They should have a band". "We came out to dance and all they have is you". So along with feeling very insulted I was immediately disenchanted with playing at that point. Why do I do this shit? I could be home with the family! Why am I here? Aarrghh! So I took a break as soon as I could and went out to breath. The DJ guy from big john's followed me out and complemented my original song Half Human Lobsters. I wish I could hear the whole song (meaning with drums, back vocals, electric guitars. I said it's on my Ipod in the truck. Here you go. So I played him some stuff and he loved it. He also said "Fuck that bitch We're all here to see you" And I felt a little better. When I went back in everybody said to me the same thing he said. So I felt a lot better. The rest of the night was KICK ASS! Thank you to all my friends and fans who propped me back up Saturday when the rude bitch took the wind out of my sail.