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Helpless e.p. out now!!!!

We just uploaded five newly recorded songs off the e.p., which you can find here, or at any of our other pages. The songs are definitely our best work so far, so make sure you get a chance to hear them.

The cd is currently available at our Reverbnation store, and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and most other digital stores within the next few weeks. If you want a hard copy of the cd, then come to a show where we will be selling them for $5 each. (Downloading from Reverbnation: just enter your payment info into their secure server, and then download high-quality mp3’s, and half the the sales go to Heifer International; a charity that helps feed underprivileged families).

Also, our next show is on Friday, April 12th, at the Pikes Perk on Vickers and Academy in Colorado Springs, and is free to get in. So enjoy the new music, and be sure to check back often, as we will be adding many more show dates soon! -Chris

New EP out by the end of February!

The new cd is finishing up deliciously, and should be mastered/uploaded by the end of the month. It features seven beautifully recorded songs, all of which will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and most other digital stores soon as well. As far as the writing behind the new music goes, I definitely feel like they’re of my best songs so far, with the lyrics and music having been redrafted and developed through loads of hard work over the last few years. I’m extremely proud of it, and am sure that you’ll love it too. Also, if you haven’t already ‘liked’ Vicinal on facebook, then make sure you do to stay updated with all of the new happenings.


Vicinal welcomes new members! (Concert dates also added!)

I'm excited to say that I just added three fantastic new members to the line up; Michael Hylands on lead guitar, Emily Gould on drums, and Stuart Hetzler on bass. Michael, Stuart, and I actually used to all play in the same metal band at different times, which makes the new line up pretty awesome to jam with. For the fun of it, you can hear our old music at reverbnation.com/frozeneternity. Emily plays in a great rock band as well, which can be heard here: http://www.reverbnation.com/nobodyshomeband.

Also, be sure to check our upcoming show calendar, because we've just added two dates; February 15th at The Coffee Exchange, Colorado Springs; and February 26th at Sunshine Studios, Colorado Springs. The first show is free, and the second one should be around $5-$8, so just message us for tickets.


New Songs and Shows to Come Soon!!!

Been writing and recording like crazy as of about a year now, and will have a brand new album finished within the next few months (January-February 2013 at the very latest!) Also be sure to check back soon, as new show dates will be posted. Stay updated, and keep enjoying Vicinal!

New songs and album info

Songs “Bloom” and “The Closer You Are” were finished this week and have now been uploaded. You can check them out here, myspace, facebook, or on most of my other sites. Also my album is temporarily down from itunes, but will be back up soon with all of my new songs. If you can’t wait to get your own copy, just send me a message and I’ll send it to you.