What is PushMethod?

What is PushMethod? “We call it Beatlesque Hip Hop because it best represents the diversity that is the experiment of PushMethod. The Beatles are not only the greatest pop band, but also the greatest experimental band. We too seek to make music that is accessible to everyone, yet unique and challenging. Furthermore, we seek to fuse a myriad of influences and styles, as the Beatles did. This is where Hip Hop comes in. As a genre that has developed since and out of the Beatles era, it represents the modern edge that comes with PushMethod,” says Dustin, searching for definition. “That’s the hardest question of all,” adds Tavis. “The sound is a rush of emotions either happy or sad. We can make you dance and feel alive or we can make you make you sit and listen.” He continues, “We all have our different views on what makes PushMethod what it is.” This commitment to individuality and collaboration make the band more than just music. “I am constantly trying to be a better man. I think my music communicates that. I write often about the human experience, whether it be an introspective evaluation of myself or an observation about the world around me,” says Dustin. Tavis goes on, “We are the combination of true struggles in this urban existence with love, lies, loneliness, rebellion, childhood and selflessness mixed with the musicality of an orchestra and true grit indie rock.”