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Review of "Thinking of you"

“Awe, i felt like just singing and dancing along to this song when i first listened to it. It sounds so cute and its so perfect. Your voice is amazing. I love the way your voice sounds so smooth and perfect along to this song. It makes me want to get up and dance to it right now. If all your music is like this then i want to be your number 1 fan. This song is so great! You're amazing and i love you. Your voice is honestly so perfect and it fits great with this type of music. This song is like my new favourite song ever! Thanks for making such a perfect song. Id love and i can't wait to hear more of your music. Im so excited to see what else you've written. This song is like perfect, I'm sure the rest of your songs are too! I already remembered all the lyrics to this song. Its so great! Please make more songs like this.”

Review "Used to be"

“This song is very appealing and I like the melody and the theme of the whole entire music piece . This is something I would love to listen to on the road. The vocals are off the charts. This is one of the best songs I heard all day like the artist said be what you want to be. I love taking my time to listen to something original and different.” Lovely piano and then lead guitar come in at the beginning, melodic, and expressive voice, and nice range! Instruments mesh together beautifully and very professionally! Timing between the lyrics adds power and poignancy. This is the type of song that people will want to sing along with and get lost in. The "swooning" guitar solo takes on a life of its own and seems to dance. It reminds me alot of bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin, and in some riffs, is even reminiscent of the Beatles (particularly the solo in the song "Something in the way she moves"). Overall, it has a very nice sound, and it 's quite polished. The only thing I can think of to improve is that somewhere in the middle of the song it sounds as if the singer's mouth moves away from the microphone and some words are harder to hear, but other than that, it has all the right ingredients!

Welcome Jimmy

"The name" welcomes guest soloist Jimmy Creasy to the recent opus. Cheers, Don

Review on Awakening

“"I feel like I'm watching an 80s TV sitcom" is the very first thought that will enter a person's mind that will listen to this track. Later on that feeling changes, but the 80s vibe lingers on. In fact, much of the latter portion of the song feels like it would fit in some sort of post-apocalyptic retro-inspired ending sequence in a musical. The synths are very lush and sweet sounding throughout. The vocalist/singer, while buried beneath layers of instrumentation and synthy goodness, still manages to evoke emotion in his voice and one can hear the lyrics just enough to understand what is going on. While sometimes you cannot hear some of the words, the ambiguity is what makes the song even better, as the listener can fill in the gaps (very My Bloody Valentine's Loveless-like). Just now I've thought of what this song reminds me of - the musical play "We Will Rock You." I feel as though a whole show can be made from this type of music and 80s synth sweetness. A decent 8.”

Review of "Moving on"

“The piano at the beginning has a melody that put a smile on my face! I like the tempo of this song, it gives the lyrics a very smooth feeling. The chorus of this song gives a warm feeling that I really enjoy. I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG! It makes me look forward to traveling around the world, but afraid at the same time. He is talking about settling down and sounds like he is also being denied from something. "The road less traveled" is a Frost reference and I really appreciate that because it shows that he is interested in poetry. The key at the end was very delicate and it was a nice way to wrap it up.”

Another session wraps

Thanks again to Tim and Adam at Villa, and especially Brent, who really turned some killer beds for us! Four new ones coming soon!

Session is over

Monster session at Villa, thanks Tim and Adam!!`

Some good tunes on the way

here they come...

Crazy-assed busy

Going to start completing a few of these open ended ideas with a new pal, Time Warp has me singing a few oldies (maybe I'll get better?), new axe swinger coming down for Fairly hoest Jim project (yes cousin, that's you). Check it all out shortly. R-D

The name eludes me
The name eludes me  (over 5 years ago)

Thanks to Laurie and Kim, good times and good music....cheers