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Music, Health & Creativity

“During moments of musical euphoria, blood travels through the brain to areas where other stimuli can produce feelings of contentment and joy-and travels away from brain cell areas associated with depression and fear. “

Dr. Frederick Tims, reported in AMC Music News, June 2, 1999

As musicians, our passion for writing and playing music not only shapes our personal and professional decisions, but also influences our daily outlook. When not executing his duties as the singer/guitarist of The Dropa Stone, Jon Meyers has enjoyed his time enjoys his time as a teacher. Some of the activities he has integrated into the academic process range from performing original songs on guitar such as “Kindergarten Blues” and “Rock and Roll ABC’s”. During writing lessons, he allows students to listen to classical compositions, which has also has a profound impact on classroom participation and excitement about a musical subject.

When used effectively, music relaxes the mind by increasing alpha levels in the brain, boosts memory and allows the brain to access reserve capacities. Allowing students to participate in the music-making process adds a significant level of engagement and unity that is essential to achieving a positive classroom atmosphere.

There are many components to music that play a hand in shaping a persons work ethic, personality and maturity. In a 2003 Gallup Poll, 95% of Americans agree that music is a key aspect of a child’s well-rounded education. Three quarters of those surveyed also believe that music education must be mandated in all schools.

The intrinsic value of music for each individual is widely recognized in the many cultures throughout the world. Every culture in our recognized and documented human history has used music to carry, express and progress its own ideals. This is an important aspect in the song writing process for The Dropa Stone; the point where one can harness inner creativity to achieve the unknown. That is the ultimate reward!