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Dawn Neptune/One Step Closer

I LOVE music - and the more diverse the better! God has blessed me in so many ways through music and I've met a lot of friends here on RN who have blessed me through their musical gifts. But recently, I was absolutely amazed by the work of Dawn Neptune. She is such a tremendous songwriter - God has gifted her so powerfully. I have never been so affected by someone's songwriting before. I was captured and stolen into her songs until the lyrics felt like feelings and sentiments of my own heart. The songs have an honesty that cuts through anything this world can dish out. And while that would be plenty enough reason to check out her work, there's so much more to Dawn Neptune than incredible lyric writing. First of all, she's a talented multi-instrumentalist with an amazing creativity. She tackles everything from soul/r&b, hard rock, blues, and blends a diverse range of styles in a wonderfully musical way. She is gifted with a powerful musical intuition - she instinctively fits the music to the lyrics perfectly, down to the word. And you would never talk about Dawn Neptune without talking about her captivating singing. When I'm listening, I find myself sucked in, moving with every lilt of her voice - complete control and wonderfully beautiful. Now, I am further blessed in that we have teamed up to write songs together and I don't think I have ever been this excited about any other music project I have worked on before. I am extremely inspired by her work - by her awesome creativity. I can only imagine what God will do in this. I have already been amazed. Definitely go check out Dawn Neptune/One Step Closer here on Reverbnation!

One Way Closer
One Way Closer  (about 4 years ago)

thanks you so very much...I appreciate every word you have said...and i can so...say the same about you...:)