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Companies housed in the Roost

The Peacock's Roost houses the following 28 entities:

-headquarters for the artist Axe Murder -headquarters for the artist His Magiusty -headquarters for the artist D'Aan de Worde -headquarters for the artist Jules Magius de Worde -soundstage and Sith base for DJ Darth Caedis -soundstage and Sith base for DJ Darth Regis -headquarters for Music House -soundstage for Shrine Sound -soundstage for BassHause -housing for the Music House/Shrine Sound Libraries -headquarters for Mr. Freak and the Freak Show Band -headquarters for Indiscretion -headquarters for Wild Fancy -headquarters for XTC Rocks -headquarters for Burlesque -headquarters for Band of Fuckin' Gypsys -headquarters for Mass Confusion -headquarters for MFATFSB Music (publishing) -headquarters for Black Tape Label Society -official birthplace for the the unveiling of the dubstep sub-genre DUBSTOMP -headquarters for Freak F#%ks Fan Club -headquarters for Peachics/Peacocks Fan Club -headquarters for Ars Electronica -headquarters for Musica Electronique -soundstage for DUBSTOMP rig development -Peacock's Nest (Axe Murder's personal refuge) -soundstage for all radio, television and internet broadcasts by entities controlled by Music House or it's subsidiaries -headquarters for The Order of Practitioners of High Art

Peacock's Roost

It has taken 6 months longer than expected but I have finally moved into a new location to house my studio Shrine Sound. It is in Fort Worth, Texas but the exact location is still a secret known only to a few clients and staff and friends. Less than a dozen people know where it is. Starting soon I will reveal clues to all of my fans and any and all fans that can correctly identify the studio's location or visits the studio in person will win some very special privileges. These could include unlimited access to sessions, artists and material as it is created. Possibly even internships and employment or training and instruction for those fans that are devoted or crazy enough to want that sort of thing. I promise it will be worth your while if you like what Shrine Sound has produced in the past or what Axe Murder is doing now. Stay tuned for the next clue and the official announcement of the contest on all of my social media.


The second part of my core dubstep guitar synth rig was finally ordered at noon today (12/10/2015)!!! New material for the new year? I think so.

Next Things

Its taken over half a year for me to get back up to speed after the sudden and costly demise of The Freak Show Band. Some of our FSB fans may have noticed that we hit between 1 to 10 million downloads on EACH of the six songs on the Mad, F#%kin' Ridiculous Insane EP, and thats just on one website! I have gone in a completely new direction, that of guitar synth, and have been developing and adapting technique necessary and unique to Hard Style and DubStep. There are a few examples from about a year ago, new stuff is on the way.