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Love was literally in the air!

Just when you thought you could never write a love song, out of the blue you did. I was on my way from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur (then Bali), sitting alone on that 3 rows economy seats (yes they were empty! lucky me!) and between fever, stuffy nose, and lack of sleep I started humming an entire tune and wrote all the lyrics while drinking the crappy airline red wine (didn't help with flu, I need some muthafippin NyQuil!)

I guess today should be noted cause it's the first time I composed without cussing, or flipping off the finger to anyone. I guess love is in the air. Doesn't mean you have to be with anyone, if you're alone, just get the Sweater on. "Counting down to Valentine, Its okay to be cheesy, just not for a long time" I can;t wait to be back to bali and post a youtube video of whatever acoustic version I can pull off. I still hate roses and chocolates (cause one turns to trash andthe other breaks your teeth) but for the first time in history I'm not opposed to Valentine all it's Jazz. I'll just do it the Grunge way ;)

Love you all, especially all you sweater people who recently chatted with me while I was in Phuket. You guys inspired me and have made a significant difference. You know who you are and you won't be forgotten

No Ciao today,

See you in two days! -k-

Cheesy, but totally worth it.

I'd like to genuinely thank everyone from fellow musicians, fans and friends of Sweater, and all my friends in the music industry for all your support to @Sweatermusic Every single one of you is a reminder that the best reward for a musician is when their music matters to other people. I'm not gonna get all cheesy but.. Love you all !


Homegrown and Totally Organic Music Video

Wish it was hand made too then Sweater could be a "Green Band" LOL!

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is... "Very Well Thanx!" Video is officially done! I'd like to share some behind the scene blog thingy!

First off, we shot the video with a Vintage Camera, using the old school VHS. Nah, not trying to be artsy and cool really... Indie musicians are poor so thats when the VHS comes in. With a budget of whatever starbucks double shot cost and pulling an all nighter, we got a neat homegrown video! If it looks totally amateur...well, it is. The Camera dude never shot a thing before, and for the editing part... it's my first time editing a video. All in all, I think it was a total success. Let me know what you think, and SHARE THE SWEATER !!!