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Nordik Tree Norway tour 31.3.-4.4. Arto is Teaching at American fiddle tunes, Port Townsend, WA USA June 29th-July 6th. Nordik Tree tour in NW USA July 17-27th. Arto & Antti tour midwest USA, Sep 29-Oct12th. Arto & Antti tour West Coast USA Dec 1-14th.

JPP 30 years anniversary tour in USA

JPP - Sizzling Finnish Folk Fiddling

JPP is again bringing their Finnish style 'Wave of Fiddles' on their 11th tour to the USA. This year the innovative folk band celebrates their 30 year anniversary with this special tour. JPP started their 30 year observation at annual Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in July their home base. Later this year the band travels to Taipei, Taiwan and Oslo, Norway.

In the early 1980s JPP evolved from Järvelän Pelimannit, a bigger village string band near Kaustinen, calling themselves 'Järvelän Pikkupelimannit' (the little fiddlers of Järvelä). In the beginning JPP's music was traditional Finnish but has evolved to include other influences from world music and jazz, and music from the creative minds of its own members. Keyboardist Timo Alakotila and fiddler Arto Järvelä are especially active in producing the original music and arrangements. During these 30 years, JPP has toured to all continents and has produced 10 CD's . The latest double CD 'Live in Duluth' was recorded live on their most recent US tour.

JPP lineup: Timo Alakotila - harmonium, Antti Järvelä - double bass, Arto Järvelä, Mauno Järvelä, Matti Mäkelä, Tommi Pyykönen - fiddles

www.thejpp.fi www.myspace.com/thejppband www.www.facebook.com/groups/5600268910/

JPP 30 yrs anniversary tour performances in USA

SEP 15 St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN SEP 16 Crystal Theatre, Crystal Falls, MI SEP 17 Sacred Heart Music Center, Duluth, MN SEP 18 Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN SEP 19 Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, IA SEP 20 Landfall Festival, Cedar Rapids, IA SEP 21-22 Lotus Festival, Bloomington, IN SEP 23-24 Chicago World Music Festival, Chicago, IL

contact: Arto Järvelä kurkikankaantie 25 28450 ULVSBY SUOMI-FINLAND cell +358-50-5961640 www.artojarvela.net skype:artojarvela

US Tours with Kaivama

I will be touring midwest next March 1-11 and westcoast May 7-20. Stay tuned for the gigs and show up!