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Hey Ya'll, This is the first opportunity that we've had to catch our breath and get back in touch with you guys. We've spent most of the last year touring in support of our most recent album, Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell, including the honor of appearing on this summer's Rock The Bells Tour with Wu-Tang Clan and Nas who, needless to say, have been major influences on our music. This short break between touring and recording gives us this opportunity to reflect a little This fall marks the tenth anniversary of the release of our first album, The Psycho, social, chemical, biological, and electro, magnetic manipulation of human consciousness. We're not sure what we were thinking with that title either. We didn't know much about "the business" then. All we knew is that we needed to get our music out, so that's what we did. We pressed up a 1,000 copies of Psycho-social on vinyl and started selling them to distributors and that began the story that has become us. But we can't tell that story without including you guys, our fans... This is where the story gets complicated. If we were to measure our success over the past ten years by Billboard charts, we might be considered only a moderate success or, in some eyes, a failure. Though all of us seem mesmerized by Billboard charts that are measured in millions, those charts don't tell the whole story. Those charts don't measure a band's integrity or its relationship with its fans, so we've never subscribed to their false importance. Call us crazy, but we measure our success by YOUR response to our music, because you're the only people that matter to us. So when you guys support us by packing our shows across the world and spending your hard-earned money at our merchandise table or online store, we feel more than successful... we feel grateful to have such loyal fans, some of whom have been with us since we began a decade ago and some of whom have joined along the way. When you guys e-mail us and tell us you're feeling this, or not feeling that, we listen more to your criticism than a Billboard chart position; a label executive's opinion that we can't make "hits"; or a radio programmer's decision that we don't fit a "format." More often than not, you guys have reached out to us to say "don't change" and "keep it raw." And that's exactly what we're going to do. That's all we know how to do. That's the music that drives us. Your messages to us have been our battle cry to fight through a decade's worth of corp-speak from industry gatekeepers who rarely know their heads from their asses. Each time we step on stage to a sold-out crowd, whether in Boston, Bogota, or Bucharest, we feel like the luckiest, most successful group in the world thanks to you guys. For ten years of support, we can't thank you enough. Stick with us, we're not done yet... Jedi Mind Tricks