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'Five' Journal, fourteenth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, fourteenth entry: June 26, 2012 The last few days have been a medley of tinkering with effects, solos, and bass lines. I modified the riff in the middle section of 'Expose' to jell better with the new bass line. 'Expose' is shaping up to be my fav recording of the sessions. As I write this I have only to record the solo in 'Penetrate' and I'm done. Damian is coming over on Friday and I told him he could experiment with backing vocal ideas he has come up with. I find myself dragging out the end of the recording sessions because I do not want it to end. These sessions are the culmination of a year of work starting with me jamming some ideas while sitting on the end of my bed, I'm loving it!!

'Five' Journal, thirteenth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, thirteenth entry: June 23, 2012 Damian came by yesterday with the bass and we spent some time looking for bass sounds. We found a good one and started tracking the bass for 'Bloodless Heart'. I spent today tracking the bass for 'Align', 'Connect', and 'Expose' with the bulk of the time dedicated to 'Expose'. My curiosity paid off when I stumbled on a delayed effect for the middle to end of the song. I'm really looking forward to the mixdown.

'Five' Journal, twelfth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, twelfth entry: June 21, 2012 Well that sucks! I wasn't at my computer but for 10 minutes and there was a power outage on my street. The outage is ongoing and I've been kicking it old school with books, thoughts, and an acoustic guitar. Hopefully the power will be restored tomorrow.

'Five' Journal, eleventh entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, eleventh entry: June 20, 2012 I spent today noodling with the vocal takes from yesterday. I was adding some compression and trying to get the vocals to sit a little better into this early stage of the mix. Damian will be coming by tomorrow with the bass and we will begin laying down those tracks.

'Five' Journal, tenth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, tenth entry: June 19, 2012 Took advantage of the 40 degree (w/ humidex) heat and recorded all the vocals. Being a musician is like having sex, you give your best performance when you're covered in sweat. I felt exhausted by the time I was done so I took a shower and watched a movie.

'Five' Journal, ninth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, ninth entry: June 18, 2012 I laid down some preliminary vocal tracks on 'Align' & 'Expose'. The actual vocal takes will be done only when my belly is full, the air conditioner is off, and I've engaged in a plethora of vocal warm-up exercises. It started to rain and thunder so I turned the mic on and recorded it for a few minutes. I took a piece with a crash of thunder and attached it to the end of 'Expose' to exit the album.

'Five' Journal, eighth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, eighth entry: June 17th, 2012 Today was spent working on the electric guitar parts for 'Align'. After that I tinkered with 'Expose' getting it ready for vocal takes. I won't have a bass until later this week at the earliest so I will probably start laying down some of the vocals.

'Five' Journal, seventh entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, seventh entry: June 16th, 2012 Yesterday I drank with Amy and discussed the details of a video I want to shoot for 'Bloodless Heart'. We are going to have some fun!! When I got home today I took a nap. Damian showed up around 8:00pm and we set up for recording an 'Ovation' acoustic guitar courtesy of Glenn. I layed down all the acoustic guitars and then we proceeded to find other electric sounds still missing from the songs. 'Expose' is shaping up fucking awesome! over 5 minutes, with 5 different parts and I'm thinking of adding strings.

'Five' Journal, sixth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, sixth entry: June 14, 2012 After much experimentation with distorted guitar tones I finally found one. I'm using an Orange 'Tiny Terror' amp with an overdrive pedal. I have been going through the songs and laying down parts where this distorted tone is needed. Damian showed up after I had laid down the guitar beds for 'Penetrate', 'Exploit', and the single 'Bloodless Heart'. Damian used his expertise to help start finding the various other guitar tones & FX that will be used. The songs are beginning to take form.

'Five' Journal, fifth entry.

KornuCopia 'Five' Journal, fifth entry: June 13, 2012 I had a "D'oh!!" moment today when I went to restring my Les Paul and realized I forgot to pick up new strings while I was at Steve's Music the other day. Shower, shit, shave, jump on subway, down to Steve's. Upon arrival home I restrung the guitar and spent the rest of the day looking for sounds and recording test tracks.