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2013 - Progress so far...

OK the quick news is:-

1. new singer - Corina.

2. first track with Corina is a cover of a classic Peter Gabriel hit.

And that's basically the news so far.

We have uploaded some photos so you can check out Corina in the studio.

We also have changed from the rock chart to the celtic chart, because people kept saying we were very celtic. We like to think of ourselves as using very many genres, but the rock bands are happier, because we were number 2 in the UK rock charts for almost a year and we have almost no electric guitar in our first album! LOL Well, one or 2 solos, but that's all. We are now number 1 in the local and UK celtic charts and just got to number 5 in the global celtic chart.

Now while we are preparing our Peter Gabriel introduction of Corina to you all, she has been hard at work getting the vocals completed for our first album "The Band, Not The Place" and she has completed all but 3 songs of the 10 tracks.

Our mystery Peter Gabriel cover has been done with our own unique Anchorage Alaska fusion of styles, so you will hear all the usual stylistic and genre busting musical digressions. No point just copying old Pete, then you would just as well listen to his various versions of the song. So expect uillean pipes, percussion galore, bouzouki and the odd jazzy piano chord here and there!

The 2nd album has also been worked on and the guys are about half way through that! Corina can catch up later.



What is it? Well it's a kind of sausage, or savoury pudding.

What's in it? In the olden days, it was all encased in a sheeps intestine, but now more modern sausage/pudding like skins are used to contain minced sheep heart, sheep lungs, sometimes a little cute baby sheep meat (lamb), onion, seasoning/spices and oatmeal.

Although this sounds downright awful, it's actually a lot better than it sounds.


PsychoJohn  (almost 6 years ago)

sounds like any sausage to me