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DJ KNKT / Blog

Random Thoughts

Today we studied 1John 1:5-2:3; which talked about what SIN is and how it seperates us from GOD. Sure, GOD will forgive our sin, but we can't have that ultimate fellowship with Him unless we are clean because GOD is perfect and can not be around filth and uncleanliness.

Patience, it sucks.... but every single one of us needs it.

After hearing a sermon tonight from Mr. Garry Mooney, something hit me; the Holy Spirit! You see, one thing that I was reminded of tonight, that somewhere along the way I along with so many others have forgotten what it means to be patient. In a world filled with selfishness and greed, why don't we see this with our own eyes; probably because the devil has kept us from noticing, or just passing along as not important. Today, people want fast food, we have credit cards to buy stuff that we want now, rather than saving up for it like our elders did. As teenagers, we want sex now; why wait for something as intimate and dare I say it, HOLY as intercourse with the one we were made for from the beginning. I'm not denying that I have faced these struggles either, or like many of you, failed at them; but, it's time as Americans, it's time as CHRISTIANS that we stand up and show the world Christ. How are we going to be the Light of the world, if we are the world. As a Christian (Christ-like -or- small Christ), you should have been changed when GOD came into your life. I know, I was changed and I'm soooo thankful for it. So much good can come from patience, so why do we ignore it and try to consume as much "stuff" as possible? Let me put it this way: Ok, what happens when you learn everything there is to know about a person you are dating, and... you have done everything with that person? Some of you, including myself, know what that's like. What happens is, the "thrill" is gone; true, you may still Love that person, or maybe you think you Love that person, but the excitement is gone. You know them inside and out; you probably know them better then their parents or family doctor, so you get kind of bored with them. You see, the same thing happens when we don't have patience.... as much as we think we are missing out in life by being patient, it's actually the other way around. We are learning stuff, doing stuff, as fast as possible so that at this pace, life will be boring by the age of 28!!! As stated before, I think by Garry Mooney, why not wait for the supernatural that only GOD can bring into a life, then trying to have only the "natural" right now? I would much rather have a supernatural relationship instead of a natural relationship. People, all of us including myself need patience, and we need discipline. Please, please, please I beg you!!!! Discipline yourself to be patient; if for no other reason then to see what good can come from it. Christians, stop using Christ as a "get-out-of-hell free card" and start living a life that is SO ON FIRE FOR GOD, that people around you can't help but catch on fire as well!!! I love you all, and I know GOD does as well. Please, lets show some respect and praise to the one who created us so that He may be glorified. -Amen.

-Love, Cookie :)