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Song This House

When I wrote this song I wasn't sure what I wanted it to be in the end. I first discovered the lead tune when I was just messing around with one of my guitars. I played several different ideas before I came across a solid pattern that just fit. I plugged into my studio amps and started laying tracks. I recall that the only thing I was feeling was almost trance like. I used one guitar to do the whole song and to get that amazing sound I dove into my special affects and my favorite tuning for those that don't know I only play in drop D After hitting the guitars I went into looking for a killer drum set it took some long hours but it was worth it in the end. all in all like almost all my songs its the music first then I sit back and dig deep in my life to find the best way to get out the things I want to share. I listened to the inst track over a couple hundred times over a couple weeks and wrote down the best words to tell a story I hope helps everyone that ever been there.

R.I.P. Vinnie

Mateo Vincent (Vinnie) Lorenzo was found November 26th after being missing for two days. Vinnie had a strong role in my life he was my best friend and when we played together in the band called Signal Suiside we where the inspireing talent as the two guitarists he was an amazing guitarist and a top notch drummer He lost his sister a while back and I was there for him when my marrige fell apart he was there for me he is and will forever even in death be my best friend if it wasnt for him I wouldn't have persued music the way I have My heart goes out to his mother and son and to Holly who I know in her heart still loves him completely and that they know I am forever there to be at there side in times of need. Vinnie you are a stone in a world of sand a talent of song and life and a man of honer and memory you where handed life and given chance you grew to be a great friend unreplaceable and forever loved by those who knew you best Thank you Vinnie for everything you have done RIP and God Speed may we meet at the gates to once again play a tune and take in all we have done in life