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Warped Tour: Battle of the Bands


Vote for us to have a chance to play the Warped Tour! It only takes a minute or two AND you can vote once a day. Just use your email as a username and make a password, bookmark the link, and (PLEASE) vote as many days as you can!


Support local bands and help spread the word!! \m/

Thanks, - WLC

"The Crow Sessions"


White Light Cemetery's very first EP is available! "The Crow Sessions."

out of towners email us for details on how to purchase at whitelightcemetery@gmail.com

otherwise we will be selling them at our shows! so see y'all there and pick up a copy!!

EP Preview!

check out our "Sign me to..." Roadrunner records page. we have 3 tracks up, they are the final mixes that you'll here on our soon to be released 5 song EP.

so check it out and sign up, and tell us what you think!!!



Road Doggin it.

Well we've been busy. Thanks to everyone who came to our shows the past few weeks! and thanks to everyone who helped out. 2 weekends in a row with back to back shows. Last weekend especially busy with one in NOLA and another in Lake Charles, and we've got a show this coming saturday in NILA (that's New Iberia Louisana, if you don't know) Then our last show for the year is New Year's Eve at Gloria's Lounge, AKA the G-Spot, with Sunday Morning Head Count, (good friends). Plan on being there cus it's gonna be a blast! 2011 is gonna be HUGE.

ah updates...

WLC has had a few more shows put under its belt with our new Drummer, Thomas Colley. we've had a blast and look forward to many more. If you take a look at our schedule posted on RN, and FB, (myspace to be updated as i type this) we have 6 shows coming up between now and the end of the year. 2 in lafayette, and 4 in the rest of the state, and many more to come in 2011! in other big news. our first EP is finished recording, mixing, mastering. and we have only a few minor changes to make to the artwork. so keep an eye out, cuz this disk is gettin cut ASAP! check back often for more WLC News.

New to RN

WLC has been kickin around Acadiana and the surrounding area for the past few years. We have opened as many avenues of communication as we can in that time to allow you the fans to reach us and hear/see what is going on in the world of south Louisiana Rock-n-Roll. we've been passed due to utilize the resources here at RN. So, with much overhaulage of the site, i hope you look around and like what you see/hear. tell us what you think, and hopefully we'll see you all soon enough at a venue near you! Thanks for Listening! Paul - WLC