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FIghting Living vs Fighting to Live

fighting living vs fighting to live

Too many fighting living while people are fighting to live. I have a salon in the center of town and thankfully it is a meeting place for all of the locals. Clients drop in to pick out their favorite candle or next best thing the hair world has to offer while others are chatting with foils waiting on their turn. The first thing we ask the client is " How are you doing today?" Well that is a loaded question.....especially when you ask a person that is staring in the mirror. It isn't common to have someone sit down and say "life is great!" or " im so thankful for today" or "Wonderful! God is good!" instead we hear alot of "im having a bad day today" or " work sucks"or "not feeling so hot today" or "i cant catch a break" blah blah blah.... The truth is that we have a choice on how we are. If we have our health we have it all. Even I get down. Even I frown when im prying my tired eyes open in the morning. even I have backaches and headaches. Even I snap at my loved ones and say the wrong things. But just when I think "woe is me" i hear about a sick child or have a client who is losing their hair due to chemo. I hear of death and diesase. We are so lucky to be breathing the air we breathe. For some reason we think we are all exempt from cancer or cautious enough to stay safe but the truth is we are not. Cancer knows no age, race or gender. It doesnt care that you have small kids that depend on you or are just about to retire and finally enjoy life. We have nothing to complain about if we have our health. Have you ever noticed or met someone fighting to live and they have the biggest smile on their face. They have a way of lighting up the room and a way of comforting you to let you know everything is gonna be alright. Im making a vow - I wanna wake up every morning and with a thankful heart thank God for today. I wanna look at myself in the morning and with sleep still in my eyes say "today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!" Im gonna tell myself that today is gonna be awesome and actually smile at myself!" Will you do it too? The next time someone says " How are you today?" Lets tell them how good it feels to be alive!

my very first heartbreak

like writing in a diary as a child, well into my teens - i have found that expressing my feelings and thoughts through writing is good for the soul. You get to tell" your" version of the story - the way you saw it or wanted to tell it... Ill never forget experiencing my first heartbreak. Oh man it felt so bad. I heard he was at the mall with another girl and I was crushed. it was a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach - i didnt have to force the tears and i remember laying on the floor listening to my new Michael Bolton tape over and over again. He (M.B.) knew what I was feeling and at such a young age, not knowing what love really is at all, I was comforted knowing someone else understood what i was feeling. So there I was in the 6th grade finally getting the connection that music can have with your soul. lyrics to describe your feelings and music that can move you. still never once did i think of putting my words, poems, prayers or thoughts to music. It wasnt until i spent years and years well into my adulthood - juggling the real world and fantasy world" - until i realized that you can actually make your own music! Even making a living at it (still havent gotten there) but thanks to a longtime friend who is killing it in Nashville as the number one songwriter three years in a row...I am totally inspired and hope to write that perfect song. The one that you needed to hear at that perfect point in time. I hope to connect to you through my songs. the way Michael Bolton helped me through my 6th grade heartache..

Vacation vs Reality

Is there such thing as an escape from reality? I have seen some of the most beautiful places that God and man have created. I am also lucky enough to be able to take off work if I need to travel or play hooky... Im not saying this to brag but rather to say that reality really isn't that bad. When i was in Europe, the euro wasn't in my favor and I was scared to spend a dollar. In return I saw the most beautiful architecture, smelt the most amazing foods and shopped at the coolest second hand stores. The hair do's and don'ts that passed me by were very fashion forward that Ican still picture them today. It was the first time I saw boots with fur and fell in love with Burberry. The streets of London and Paris were lined with artists and it actually snowed on New Years day. We attended a mass that day and the church was breathtaking. We had no idea what they were saying but we knew we were in good company. On our honeymoon we went to the Bahamas. That trip was romantic and expensive. I literally had like $200 to my name and had never been on a cruise ship. I don't think that Im claustrophobic but that trip it set in! That was the smallest "cabin" in the world and we were so low on the ship that it almost had an underwater view! Well sort of;) What is the point of this blog you may ask( because Im asking myself the same question)? My point is that home , family, work and the everyday hustle is paradise. Barbecue on the back porch, baseball practice, being healthy and your own bed is paradise. A clean house, a new favorite song and the bills being paid is paradise. Maybe that is what vacation is for... to make you appreciate reality.

This Thing Called Life

Well I had another successful day at the salon. Blondes, brunettes, and shape ups flooded the salon today. Its that time of year. People are realizing that Christmas isnt as far away as they thought and they need to freshen things up for the holidays. Its time for them to shop so we have to stock and its time for change. Change is in the air for my business and for my dreams. Its alittle scary to think about change as a distant dreamer because that of that first step. BUT that is how we learn to walk - we take baby steps - so my feet are gonna do alittle more walking towards the future and Im gonna give this thing called life my best shot! Step aside - Im back!;)

What Am I So Scared Of?

Well Im up to my old tricks again! I will be having a "release" show on November 20th and i am sooo excited abt it! I am searching far and wide for some really good covers to do also so that we can boogie down on the dance floor!;) I think about this all day at work and after my little one goes to bed its the first thing I drown myself in! My poor husband didnt know what he was marrying:) I guess some people read - some people watch movies - some may even sleep???- I love to write - I love to find a song that I havent heard in forever and it remind you of why you love music sooo much - I have built my career aka "day job" around the idea of getting me one step closer - and now ten years have passed and I know that I am gonna have to ask myself a very important question - Do I stay or do I go - the only problem is there is no such thing as I.....I comes with a beautiful 9 year old and a fabulous husband who has to think I am nuts!;) So.....I need a plan - 10 years later and a lifetime of dreams are constantly making me think out of my comfort zone.... I have so much to lose ( money, career) but im 32! When else am I gonna try!? After all - All I have to lose is money!!!!

We may not have tomorrow

We just got back from a looooong weekend from Panama City Beach. It was great to have time to visit and love on our cousin that is fighting cancer... She is only 32 and has thyroid cancer... She, Ashley Mann, had a way of making us feel comfortable and her spirit calmed us all. She is schedule to have her second surgery this thurs and i would really appreciate your prayers! But on the brighter side of things- the "backstage girls" are having a photo shoot today! Im excited because i again get a chance to create! If only i could figure out and put as much time - money and hard work into music! Im slowly getting there! This weekend just helped me realize that we may not have tomorrow or a year from now - or next week - Everything could change in the blink of an eye -or after one doctor visit - so thats it - Im chasing my dreams! Nothing is gonna hold me back - no negative comments - no weight issue - God has a plan and he put this burning into my soul to create music and thats exactly what Im gonna keep doin! Thank you for listening to my songs and reading my blog! I appreciate the support!

Back to School

Well school has started at the "Mann" household. I just got done teaching my son about fossils, calling out spelling words and how to round to the nearest ten. I remember third grade being hard.... actually all school was hard for me because I was a constant day dreamer - i have always dreamed of being a singer....i remember picturing myself singing a Gloria Esteffan song in front of the class and everyone loving it! It was one of her slow songs....i cant think of which one it was but i remember writing out the lyrics.....its amazing that I got through school wout having to repeat a grade;)

Tues after work

I have that song "I Wanna Be a Millionaire" on my brain....I dont know any of the words but the chorus is so catchy! We listen to the top 20 all day at work and they literally play the same 20 songs all day it seems! I hope to have a song on the top 20 one day!;) I think my next step in becoming an artist is to learn the guitar... Ill keep you updated on my progress - I mean all you really need to know is three chords to write a song right? hahaha Three chords is all i know but I guess thats a start!;)

Rainy Day at the Beach

Its raining at the beach. We have a spiderman puzzle being assembled, ribs on the grill, cole slaw and baked beans....mmmm - nothing like the fourth of July! Despite the rain you still need your shades because the overcast is blinding!! This is where my husband got the name "Red Hot Ronnie" like the song "Red Hot Mama"!:) That was a hard lesson learned! There are many reasons we should love the rain, actually too many to count. Just one for today would be that it is allowing us to lay back and enjoy eachother.:) Happy Fourth of July!

Starting a new book

Today has been a long day. On our way back from north Georgia we stopped at a yard sale on hwy 441. We didnt really find any diamonds in the rough but one thing did catch my eye.... the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". I have heard that this book offers some wonderful advise! Not a bad buy for only 50 cents!