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New song available as a download world-wide!

New song "I Think I'm in Love With You" by Wayne Ashcroft (Lyrics) and Robert Steven Hunt (music composer), featuring Emily O'Grady (vocals) is now available as a download from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Recorded at Clear Sky Studio in Reading (UK) and distributed through Tunecore. Orchestral arrangements, recording and mastering by Chris Mitchell. Please share with all your friends! Thanks for all your support and encouragement, it is very much appreciated. Robert Steven Hunt (composer). http://www.itunes.apple.com/album/id1154318394?ls=1&app=itunes

Thanks to everyone who supports my original music!

I would like to thank everyone who supports and encourages me with my original piano compositions. I have recently been working on some music for a television pilot episode called "Unbelievers" and the music to a new song. A number of people have also been asking me when the next album will be! I am working on some new material and certainly plan to release a follow up album in the not too distant future. My debut album "Eagle Mountain" has attracted a huge number of fans from across the world. Thank you for the enormous number of comments that people have sent to me regarding my music, I really do appreciate it. Your encouragement means a lot to me and inspires me to continue creating my art. God Bless you! My very best wishes from Robert Steven Hunt (composer).

Music for Unbelievers TV Pilot completed!

I have been very busy composing music and atmospheric mood background sounds for the Unbelievers TV pilot episode. The music score will be kept a secret until the premier of the programme which will be shown to the cast and crew later this year. Sheep Free Productions Ltd will be seeking to get the series commissioned by a TV / Film company after the premier during 2016 / 2017. Very excited about the main title theme "Out Of Time" and various character themes including the haunting melody of "Samantha's theme". Watch this space for news of when you will be able to hear the new music! Robert Steven Hunt. (composer). #unbelieverstvpilot #robertstevenhunt #filmscore #filmmusic #electronicmusic #composer

Number 2 in the UK Classical Charts!

I am delighted to report that I am currently at the number 2 spot in the UK Classical Charts on Reverbnation. Thank you to everyone who supports my original piano music, particularly those who make regular comments about my music and are such an encouragement to me! I really appreciate your interest and support, it means a great deal to me! God Bless! My very best wishes from Reading in England, Robert Steven Hunt (composer), Rob.

Dates added to all track titles on Reverbnation!

I have been updating the list of free music tracks available on my Reverbnation.com musicians page. The listings now include the year that the track was published / released. This will help visitors to the music website to identify when a composition was recorded. All the music on Reverbnation is available for streaming free of any charges to all visitors from any part of the world. The sample track from my debut album is also available as a free download too! Two new compositions have been added to the list during 2015, a new updated version of "Coming Home" and a completely new recording called "A true Rosebud" (a tribute to Rosie Bowler, my late Mother-in-law). Further new compositions are under development and will hopefully be released during 2016. Some of the new music is currently being considered for inclusion in a possible TV pilot episode for a drama / comedy series called "Unbelievers." Much has happened in 2015, including my appearance at the UK Boston Music Festival 2015 in Lincolnshire during August! I performed a solo concert lasting about two hours outside the White Hart Hotel in Boston. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout this year, particularly all the outstanding comments that people have made about my music on my Reverbnation page. I am truly humbled by what has been said about my music. It definitely gives me the inspiration and incentive to continue my quest to share my original piano music with the World! Since 2010, I have been sharing my music over the internet, to see whether there would be any reaction to it. There certainly has been a huge interest in the music (over 12,000 fans world-wide on various music websites and social Media), this gave me the inspiration that I needed to produce my debut album "Eagle Mountain" which was released in 2014 (as a download and CD)! I know that the recordings on the album have taken the music up to the next level. Most of the music tracks on the Reverbnation website are all early versions of the compositions. The music on the album "Eagle Mountain" has been recorded under studio conditions and has had a professional orchestration added to the sound track! I look forward to seeing where the music takes me to next! My musical journey continues! Watch this space! Enjoy the ride with me as I move forward into a new adventure! Thanks for your support, it is really appreciated! God Bless! My very best wishes from Robert Steven Hunt (composer), Rob.

Boston Music Festival 2015

Looking forward to performing as a headline act at the UK Boston Music Festival 2015 on Saturday 15th August from 9-11pm at St Botolph's Church (The Stump) in Boston, Lincolnshire. Music that touches the heart and soul of the listener! Come and hear the live versions of compositions from my debut album "Eagle Mountain" Hear four completely new pieces of music never before performed in public! Keep music live! God bless! Robert Steven Hunt (composer), Rob.

Awesome comment about my music!

A huge thank you to Tim Norman who has written this awesome comment about my music on facebook ... "There's so many great new artists out there and it takes a lot for me to keep returning for the same music when there's so many choices. But the brilliance from this man's music keeps me coming back. I hope you have a listen. I'm afraid you'll become addicted but hey, what a wonderful place to return to. Enjoy!"

Number One in the UK Classical Charts!

Reached number one in the UK Classical Charts on Reverbnation.com Thank you to everyone who supports my original piano compositions. Debut album "Eagle Mountain" out now as a download or CD. Takes the music to a whole new level. Nine completely new recordings with full professional orchestrations! Enjoy the music! Rob.

Debut album out now!

My debut album "Eagle Mountain" is out now as a CD (available only from me) and as a download from CDBABY.COM also from other major online retailers such as Apple-iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google music store, HMV, Rhapsody and many more! The music just went up another level, join me on my musical journey as my compositions are now available on a world wide basis! Music that touches your heart and soul. God Bless! Thanks for your support! Robert Steven Hunt.

"Eagle Mountain" Debut album is launched!

Come the dawn...Eagle Mountain is Born! My debut album is now offically launched upon the world. I invite you to sample the new recordings and to purchase the album if you wish. Please spread the word and tell everyone! Here is the link to the debut album of Robert Steven Hunt "Eagle Mountain" God Bless! Enjoy the music! Thanks for your support! Go get it guys! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertstevenhunt