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CD Sales To Help With Commissary

Recently Billie Law A.K.A. IL Duce was sentenced to a year in jail. He is requesting that everyone purchase a copy of his album to help him out with his commissary!!!! One Love

The Message (Part 2)

I got a message, Duck down as I deliver it. There's proletariat and bourgeouise In the middle you're so Nazi What it is you just can't see Have's and not's that a and b You helpin them you ain't helpin me Washington is R's and D's My politiks is RBG 7 nation army releasing the 3 Love a friend of my enemy But in the end it's conspiracy Don't trust CNN or MTV They release garbage release my peeps Release them pigs from our streets Release Assata let her be Release Mumia give him peace Release George W. to the beast This might hurt a bit, I'm not gonna quit.


I got a message, Duck down as I deliver it. Relax ya mind analyze and take time We all addicts and victims of the same grind 400 years spent craftin that design Many particulars but the same crime Now they try to proscribe crimes to block my shine Craft terroristic wars and patriot acts to block my nine I got 99 problems rahowa AIN'T 1 You got a tough cookie to crack, if ya thinkin that son This might hurt a bit, I'm not gonna quit.

Don't Believe The Hype!!!

You have been lied to, I'm truthful enough to let you know this. Your parents lie to you! Ain't no Santa Claus Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, they say this so you can sleep better at night and do as they wish. If your parents would do this to you, why wouldn't your government who gave these things to your parents? Your leaders, your heroes, your teachers, your preachers, they all lie to you. They have agendas to fulfill and do not want peace, they demand obediance. There is no hell other than the one we are living in. This is a lie that was fabricated to keep the masses from disobediance. A new generation that does not want to walk in the flawed footsteps of previous generations that dictate to them, have to choose a new voice, a new set of footprints to walk in. I walk in peace, against the ones walking toward me, that want to force you and I to walk in their footsteps. I have been blessed with the word, words of wisdom and words of knowledge. The method I use is truth, therefore, I cannot lie. Put to music creates a force. Listen to my madness and understand the method to it. Once you understand, you can become that force, making it stronger, larger and more attractive. Believe in me, understand my madness and walk in the footsteps that previous generations would rather not lead us, only because they have been led in a similar fashion. Free your mind, join me, spread the truth and help create 1 nation under a groove. Music unites people worldwide, let's unite under the umbrella of truth. Feel free to spread this but remember where you got it from. -Law