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“I definately like how this song started, love the voice of this artist. It has a great beat and the lyrics just gets my attention right away. The background vocals are great. The song itself sounds awesome.”

“Nice intro with a strong backing track, good backing vocals to back up the main vocals. Lyrics tell a story and do so in an effective manner. interesting subject matter behind the song however refreshing to see the classic paradigm reversed to a man walking away from a woman. Backing instrumentals are chilled and easy to listen to, nice bass element, drums are a tad generic and the high hat is a little overused and a bit sharp however the backing keyboard is enjoyable and fits the genre. overall a very nice song to listen to.”

“A nice opening, with a quick tempo, strong vocals and good backing track, teh backing track and vocals really mix well together and seam to have the same style to them. but soon the backing quickens up and the song has an entirely different feel to it which i'm not so keen on with a fairly loud backing singer,harmonising. when the main vocals drop and the song seams to slow slightly the next voice suits the quicker style alot more but could do with a bit more volume as the clapping sounds take the most attention and is over powering. the next voice with the harmonizing with the backing singers is a lot better! with good volume, harmonizing and tempo! definitively the strongest part of the song.”

“Music has good beat. Back vocals nice. I do not like the whispering as opposed to singing. The sound track is very common, needs a new sound. Back Vocals are very nice enjoy the harmonizing. Very good music to dance to.”

“I do not think the talking or voice over in the intro is really necessary. I think the male vocals after the first thirty seconds is sufficient enough. The vocal melody is actually quite tuneful and interesting, making the song easy to remember. The lyrics could be more imaginative and original because the lyrical content is similar to other songs in the genre. The ending could sound more complete. Good vocal performance though.”

“Introduction and words are great. Singers do a good job, great tone and notes. It gives a person an upbeat/happy feeling. Love the variety the singers give. It all balances good together. Love it.”

“Very weird spoken vocals, it makes me a little uncomfortable. Singing vocals are okay, could be a little more in tune but the groove is great. I like the melody and arrangement a lot. This is some love makin' music. Aside from the lyrics lol.”


“This will be number 1 on the charts. A song that many people can groove to. The lyrics are on point. Make me wanna bob my head. The music is smooth. I think you have found a winner. I will be standing inline to get this.”

“Has the feel of Smokey Robinson and a great harmony for the deep voice that begins the song. The lyrics are strong and the music holds true to the feel of the sound. Well worth listening to as you listen to the story they are telling. Would enjoy hearing more of their music.”

“This song starts out strong and sensual. I love it and the lyrics are nice. I can picture sitting down to a fire and having this play in the background. Romance inducing music. The rhythm is nice and the lyrics have a good story to tell. I like the harmong and know this should be on the radio. The instrumentals are strong and upbeat but smooth at the same time. I hope to hear this again”

“Intro was a little quick,however the beat of the drum made up for it. The song has a nice feeling to it,the lyrics are warm and talk about being there for someone. Listening to the vocalist he is singing with strong words and has some feeling put into it, this song is a great song to listen to on the radio. Instrumental arrangement are well and solid in the musical feeling they are original and the whole sound is powerful.”

“reminds me of Barry Manalow. Except without the deep smooth voice. Seems very romantic, and the lyrics really adds to this. The mood is very soothing and could be a really good hit. The combination of the percusion, guitar and synth in here is a good mix.”

“I would cut down some of the talking in the intro, not all of it just some of it. The vocals could be a bit louder, I found it sounds as tho they are struggling for domanince with the background music at certain points. Overall the vocals are nice and strong, some parts just need to be louder. Good breakup song, Its something anyone could relate to. This song has wonderful potential. I like it.”

“Harmony was good on this one, good beat and easy to dance to. Lyric were believable. Good instrumentals. Liked the piano and guitar on this, and the guy talking at the end of the song.”

Rising Star

Chad Wild is the rising star in the east breaking through the skies to dawn a beacon of light to press upon the world to look up and see the truth and cleanse your hearts in the seasoned sounds of Wild Music.

Sometimes Life get in the Way

I want what any musician wants, is an opportunity to be able to drop everything and safely make music without the fear of losing everything I have earned in life. The ultimate sacrifice is not giving everything up, it is having everything and make a conscious choice to do what is in your heart instead of what is forced upon you. Taking away the excuses and standing up to self doubt. Masked is the fool who knows better but still does, yet revealed is the fool who does it without ever knowing.

Getting known in the big unknown

I am trying to get a fishing line out to see if I have any takers to my sound of music. I need a dedicated band willing to do my music to finish to make my coverband dream a reality,I know its been said before and many more will follow, but this is not an easy road to hoe finally working in the music business. I definitely have to visualize or I would've given up a while ago. I have some funny stories of where I could've gone in music world in my life. I mean one of my first big breaks was in Philly when I was offered to be the next bigtime white rapper out there.