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#12 European CMA chart !

While I know the ECMA is mostly defunct, they're maintaining their country charts. My song, "Another Sad Country Tale," made it to number 12 on their Top 40 chart, the first week in October.

I am increasingly honored and humbled and SO excited ! Thank you ! Dan

Last Call !

The song, not the close of the bar - The Peregrines, a super-talented bluegrass band, is going to be covering one of my songs, Last Call, from my first CD, Rearview Mirrors. I cannot being to express how excited I am about this ! I'll share the link to the tune as soon as it's available. Thank y'all so much for your continued support ! http://theperegrines.com

The new cd is out !

I couldn't be more excited; after virtually every "if it can go wrong, it will" Angels in the Sand is available. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/danstevens4

New CDs !

I'm in the studio again, at Gatorbone Records. Much of the work is being finished as I type and I'm looking for a little help from my friends -- As most of your know, much of my traveling daze is over. Both my wife and I are simply not up to as many festivals and events as I've played in the past (Florida Folk Fest, St. Pete Folk Fest, Pine Island Blues Fest, Sarasota Folk Fest, Southern Music Rising and so on). While I am available for gigs and festivals, we just can't camp any more without improved conditions. (and a trailer that doesn't leak) So, the help. I've started a gofundme campaign to gather some funds to finish off some tracks. Right now, I have about 26 new songs in the hopper, much of which we've paid for with our savings. We're sort of running out of savings. So far, Gabe Valla, Jason Thomas, Lis and Lon Williamson, Wally Murphy, Jo-el Guzman and a host of other incredible musicians have sent in tracks. I sent an mp3 of one of the new tunes (*still lacking final mix and mastering) to some friends who are pitching it for a documentary about Blair Mountain and coal miners. I couldn't be more proud. If you'd like to help a brother out, please feel free by throwing a little cash into my go fund me account, at http://www.gofundme.com/danstevens (Juju keeps promising to add some incentive "prizes" to the campaign, so check back -- or ask her what they are)

The CD is out and getting some awesome reviews !

I want to thank everyone SO much for their kind words about the new cd. (I know that Juju is starting to sound like Sally Fields on FB, with "they like it, they really like it, posts, but that's why I love her.) We are both really proud of this one; she did both the art and design as well as a little of the producing this time and I think that it looks AND sounds great !

In the excitement of recording the last tracks....

I'm getting down to the wire now, folks. Chubby Carrier and the world famous Earl Sally have agreed to add some tracks, along with Gove Scrivenor, Aaron O'Roarke and the other amazing musicians already on board. It's going to be a really nice cd !

It's a new year, it's a new cd

I'm takin' a little time off from playing out to finish up my end of my next cd; the vocals are in and the wonderful folks at Gatorbone are workin' their magic to make another great production ! We're hoping to have it out in another 6 months or so and I am really looking forward to this one.

Happy Holidaze !

Folk for Folks wound up nicely, with some great performances from Gove Scrivenor, Annie Wenz, and Craig Daniel Hardin and Sabal (*If you haven't heard "If I were pretty like Elvis," you're missing out on a great song. Juju and I are spending the holidays at home, visiting with some old friends and bandmates and working on the new cd. I'll be taking a few weeks off to get ready for the Spring rush, match my socks and put together some videos from Folk for Folks, so we'll see you on the flip side ! Best wishes for a great 2012 !

Spring Folk for Folks

No extra details yet, but the Ale and the Witch has asked us back for another 10 week series of Folk for Folks. We know there will be a few changes, all for the good ! Really looking forward to planning this one !


Just got word that I passed round 1, where "Once a work is entered, reviewing sessions are held by more than 150 experts from the recording industry, to determine whether the work is eligible and entered in the correct category for official nomination."