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Behind the scenes of the making of Shelby Reese's "So Wrong It's Right."


Latest Update: 8/18/10

Hey everybody! I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last update, things have been so crazy, but in the best ways possible! Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to perform at the famous Fiesta Del Sol event in San Diego that celebrates hispanic heritage, the crowd and audience were so amazing and enthusiastic, I had a great time and got to meet some really great people and fans:) Thanks to all of you guys who came out to support. I also was able to perform with my band on Fox 5 News and debut my new music video for “So Wrong It’s Right”, the whole station was so welcoming and I had such an awesome time! I also just found out that my song “So Wrong It’s Right” has been nominated for a Los Angeles Music Award and I could not happier:) I am performing at the Temecula Film Festival in September and I am so excited to perform at the same event where so many great artists have performed! This is a crazy business and I am so lucky to have such amazing fans like you guys who continue to support me on my journey:) Stay tuned and I promise to update you guys soon! All my love and affection:)



See Shelby perform on Fox 5 news in San Diego