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Who !s Trustworthy?

Can I TrusT yU? i Find it Hard 2 Be real With Sum ppl bc they Take That for an Advantage 2 use against u...4 1. im not a stupid person AT ALL!!!...i kno when sum1 is lieing to me or playing games....so with that being said...whos trustworthy? who can i bistow my trust in? y is it that when simple questions are asked the answers seem to me BULLSHYT?...better yet....no, the answers seem to be LIES!!...i dont understand whats so hard about the truth...can sum1 plz explain to me y they think that a lie will overcome the truth? i honestly dont get it at all...maybe i should just isolate myself n trust the soldier that is me...hmmm?...maybe i should keep to myself cause i kno that i wouldnt lie to myself at all...about anything...so i mean damn y stick my neck out for sumone who doesnt desearve to be trusted...but hey...thats the way life goes...ugh so i ask again WHO IS TRUST WORTHY? $h0

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I Hav3 N0 R3as0n 2 Pr0v3 Mys3lf 2 Any1, 4 Any R3as0n At All, Wh3n All yU hAV3 Is Sum1's W0rd..WHat Com3s 2 Mind when th3 t3ll yU Sumthing? "Are they Lying?" "Should I Believe Them?" "They r fulla SHyt" "Y3a 0k" "Whatever"...I Agree...But i do that 2 ppl i kno are liars or someone i dont trust...im in no was asking for someone to trust me bc trust is a very big word and comes with alot of responsiblity believe it or not...but, you could never state that im not raw and uncut with what i say...im straight forward n have no reason to lie about anything or to anyone for that matter....so take it how you want it...accept it how u dish it...real talk $h0