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Your support is needed too bring real lyricism back

Your support is needed too bring real lyricism back Wassup check out my page and let me know what you think of my music in a comment feel free too add my songs too your page if you want to your friends I'm trying too get my song plays and page up and could use every body's help in doing so I'm just a artist grinding hard too reach his dreams which for me is too take the game by storm and show the world that there are still real lyricists out there and that we need too and should be heard one of my other goal's is too bring new york city back too the for front in rap music I'm born and raised in the birth of rap music and hip-hop culture the bronx and feel that we should be respected for not just being the where the origin for rap and hip-hop culture but also for being a place too find alot of talented artists who make great music that can stand the test of time it's only a matter of time we show the world what we can really do in the bronx mark my words cause where much more then just the place where it started trust me we got heat all we need is the chance too show the world what we can bring too the table and it's on please support your boy and subscribe too my youtube channel at www.youtube.com/thebestlyricistever as well as follow me at www.twitter.com/thehookking and if you wanna hear more of my music you can check me out at my music myspace page which is www.myspace.com/hiphopsdonking or you can check out www.reverbnation.com/hiphopsdonking I ask you to please help your boy on my fight too the top I need everyones help support and love trust me it will be shown right back and never forgotten that's a promise I'll always keep !!!!!!!!!!!!