Love Songs by Nancy Tanoukhi Clark

If you get a chance, come over to my Facebook page. I am now singing songs of love at weddings and special events!

Happy New Year 2013 !!

Right now I just want to wish all of my Fans on Reverbnation a very Happy New Year 2013!! If you are going out to celebrate, hire a driver. I'm going to stay at home, put my feet up, drink Sangria, and think of each person who has made my 2012 right!! Love to you all!

Surprises Keep Coming!!

I was #2 on reverbnation's local charts. The next day, I was #3. lol


I just looked over and saw that I'm #4 on Reverbnation's local charts! What happened? Yesterday I was #3 for the first time and today I'm #4? It makes me feel like I should just stop trying.


I just looked over and saw that I am #3 on the Reverbnation Local Charts! Thank you all for supporting the Oldies!!

I'm extremely HAPPIER!!

I went up another notch! I'm #4 on the local charts!

I am extremely happy!

Today I went up a notch ... I'm #5. Next ... #4! Thank you, everyone!

Another Year of Life!!

I'm extremely happy today! God has granted me another year!! Today I will bake myself a birthday cake, decorate it, dance around it, and sing as loudly as I want "Happy Birthday to Me," for its in celebration of my life, what I've accomplished, and what there still is to do. I know that God still has plans for me ... and I'll do it with Paul at my side. AND ... all you talented people of Reverbnation ... be happy with me! You don't know how your music touches everyone!! .... Happy Birthday ... to me! lol

I'm Flabbergasted!!!

When I listen to all of the talent on Reverbnation, I'm flabbergasted! Oh, my. When I listen, I can't believe my ears. Everyone, keep it up.

I'm Happy!!

It's now February, and I'm very happy! Even though we've had a lot of snow, I know the next few months are going to be beautiful! I hope all of you are having a wonderful time this winter. When you see the snowflakes again, smile and think of me!