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Cant Touch ME!

My Life was like a DEMO, thanks to GOD it's Now MASTERED. Ma Flow's too BIGGIE, to Convey, I put 'em in 2pac's (2 packs). Like OHEMAA, might have MERCY on the Spoken Word, not the Rap. I spit A-B-C-D, if you SHAA like OLELE, you no go Fit BAB( Catch). I realised my Gift at 18, thanks to GOD, I'm TALIB KWELI at 21. From 0, He used Heavens Connection to Push me to Number 1. Like SOCCER TEAMS before KICK OFF, PUN-ch Lines, I LINE 'em UP, Like Lil (little) Kids during Christmas, I throw KNOCK-OUTS. Y'all Can't Touch Me! I'm covered by the BLOOD of the LAMB. You Can't Kill my DREAMS, Not even in my SLEEP. Cos I SLEEP in the Lord's ARMS, like a GUN in an AMOURY. No Weapon FASHIONED against me in SKINNIES or BAGGIE go FIT ME... Cos I'm SIZELESS!


coming soon like Jesus