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Pray for our soldier

Remember to PRAY for our soldier today everybody...and your soldier(s)...and their soldiers too....

Dedicated to our Adam Brinks today...he may not be in the truck with us on this 8 hr trek we're making to TN this wkend, but he is definitely still with us in heart and spirit - love you man! Stay strong and we'll see you soon! http://youtu.be/JB8fuJLBuno

New album on iTunes now!

Our new album "Turning Over Tables" just hit iTunes last week...check it out! (FYI: Our first album "The Things I Do" is on there too, but it's listed under SOUL, our old band name, instead of Reckless Mercy.) We appreciate every little bit of support so much - whether you buy just one song or all of them!!

Not much to say

I sometimes think about when Jesus was in trial before the jewish leaders and when they would question him he stayed silent. This action drove them crazy. ..... think about it.