"Life After Birth" post launch and run of shows.

Hi Guys, So we are stoked for having played our album launch with a live band. If you didn't get to make it you can watch it on YOUTUBE. We are currently touring the album and playing as many shows as we can. If your interested in booking us please visit dyingtobealive.com.au and submit your details and event. I am currently working on a solo album that I would like to see released later this year. It will have a bunch of surprise artists on it that I know you will love, we even have an international. In 2 weeks we are looking forward to playing with Justice Crew in Lithgow at the Lithgow High. Please 'Gigs' for details. If you haven't heard by now as we have kept it generally restricted to close family and friends, my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in about 2 weeks. Some of you would have seen a very pregnant Altamira at our album launch some weeks back. We are super stoked to be parents and know that God has totally blessed us with this child. It is a true miracle. Anyways thats about all the news I have for now. We are looking forward to playing a run of shows in the coming months in several schools. Remember if you want your school or youth group on board, please go to dyingtobealive.com.au to book us. Much love, and God bless- Nobee One and Altamira MC.


Hi Guys n' Gals,

Pete here. So man its been ages since I've written a blog on DTBA. Some of you may follow us on FB and Twitter which is mad. We mostly blog stuff through FB cos is so user friendly. SO...

DTBA are just weeks away from droppin our 2nd full length Album "LIFE AFTER BIRTH" we got a few incredible Artists up on this album some are Brethren, Shelly MC, Dj kinetic and Paul Liao from SEVEN STEADY to name a few. Some I was just so so stoked they would generously donate their time to play and write for us we are just so blessed. The production on this album is so much higher than our first and quality of music is ballistic. one beat is from NEBS from THATS THEM hip hop crew.

We initially had to many tracks so we had to cut back a few and shape the order of tracks in thematically as it is about Life After Birth/Death. We're really really excited and I hope you are too. Its been too long and are looking at releasing a CD every 12 months minimum. I have also got a bit of SOLO stuff I have been doing on the side which you can find here:


God has been really good to us and some amazing opportunities are opening up next year for our music ministry. Can we ask that you would be praying for direction for DTBA and that God would use us how He wills in everything He desires. From production to lyrics to shows to kids coming to know Jesus to the bible tracks to everything. Our music and talent is nothing with out God so we need to keep him central in all we do.

Thank you for all have supported at our shows and bought a CD. Please continue to partner with us for the Gospel and see young people changed for God living passionate lives for Jesus.

Please contact us for any further info or to book any shows or schools-

In Christ-


Hooray first blog

Ok so this is our first blog. What can I say. So much is happening. We are getting our Cd's pressed. We are going over seas in July/August. We are getting out there for real. I'm just so pumped I can't wait to see what God is gonna do in our music and lives. See you all soon. Tee's and hoodies coming soon- Pete and Alty-