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Chanman Roots Band CD

Check out some tunes from our CD right here at my reverbnation page.

Playing in musicals

I've been playing bass in the musical My Fair Lady this week. I've done Annie on drums, Rocky Horror on bass Crazy Love on Drums, Hair and others. It is truly a great way to improve your reading skills and play many styles in one show...styles you would have never played before. Your playing will be put to the test, but the challenge brings out more of that monster player you want to be. My Fair Lady is not too hard technically, but the key changes are crazy. That's the way these shows go. Tons of fun. Trust me you won't lose your rocker cred...you'll be looked up to and more sought after. I reccomend young players get into this. It could be a great way to make a buck...there's lots of worse jobs you'll have to chose from. Anyway, I'm trying to find constructive discussions here to talk about and offer some advice to students anywhere. Thanks, Bundy.

darlajeanne  (over 4 years ago)

Sounds like you're having a kick ass time, Dude ;0 )

I'm very happy for, an'quite proud, to know ya too !

Thanks for sharin'your groove with the world ;0 )

Keep on Rockin' ~ Be Safe ~ an'Party On ;0 )



You know, playing songs fast, that aren't written fast, does not create energy, it only takes away from the groove of the song. Keep it cool and groove...it's not a race to the end!

Chanman Roots Band CD

Look for the release of the Chanman Roots Band CD soon. It's getting the final touches and will be ready for release early summer. We will also be promoting it on KHOL in Jackson, live May 25th at 6:00.

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Hey, hey, hey. Just a blog space for music advice and music in general My first blog will stress the importance of practice, I like to call it "playing your instrument". Just play! Play for the joy of it. Play to make it sound better. It should be a part of what you do and who you are. Remember, it's called "playing" your instrument. There. d bundy