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The CleanUp Available now for FREE!

Download the follow up EP to "Dirty Money Painting" for FREE @ http://spheremusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/the-cleanup

Dirty Money Painting Available Now!

Download the new album from Dru B Shinin' on itunes today!


Also visit www.spheremusicgroup.bandcamp.com & www.drubshinin.bandcamp.com to download DMP for FREE!


Right now, you are invited to download your ticket to the Dirty Money Painting Exhibit at http://spheremusicgroup.bandcamp.com

This is no ordinary admission ticket but a full fledged EP that will introduce you to some of the sounds you'll be experiencing in the Dirty Money Painting exhibit when it is released this fall. 8 new songs featuring the ever versatile instrumentation of Midi McFly and your boy Dru B Shinin' for your enjoyment, go download them, GO GO GO!


Right now, we're hard at work on Dru's sophomore album "The Dirty Money Painting" produced by EyeJay! Look forward to it, it's going to be out this FALL. The production is something new for Dru as it features live instrumentation and EyeJay brought in some outside production assistance to help make this one as good as it can possibly be. Keep us on your radar!