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Pandora's Box

Added a new video: "Pandora's Box" http://t.co/9ea9SztpAZ #video

Just uploaded new video for my song 'Daybreak'

I found some cool scenery to go with this piece meant for film or listening enjoyment...

Greetings from from Ohio

Hey, I'm Dwend and I can't wait to meet hear all the music on this site. Feel free to send me a link to yours...more later, Dwend

Dwend  (over 7 years ago)

Well, it has been a great first week on Reverbnation, and I've found a lot of friends, fans and excellent musicians. I will continue to work on songs and videos and keep you up to date. You may want to check out my DreamWeave ringtone. It's a great sound to hear when the phone rings. Calm and soothing...not interrupted....DWEND