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We're happy to announce

Hi Folks,

We're happy to announce that our IndieGoGo campaign for our upcoming album "One Lane Town" is now live! "One Lane Town" has been a work in progress for the last two years. Some of these songs on the new album are ten years in the making. It can be tough to manage full time jobs and families and support our music too ~ but we love what we do and honestly couldn't stop if we tried! For our two previous albums, we had financed everything and then tried to regain our money by selling CDs at shows and through online downloads. This time, we wanted to offer our fans an even better album and add some additional value to the awesome people who have supported us year after year.

Through IndieGoGo you can donate money and help us put the finishing touches on "One Lane Town". With your donation you can receive many different gifts from us including an early copy of "Ophelia" (our first release from "One Lane Town"), reserve a table at one of our CD release parties or just share with your friends to help us reach our goal! Read about our IndieGoGo campaign at: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/one-lane-town.

Please feel free too forward this to all your friends to help spread the word.

Thank you for all your support throughout 2013! Have a Happy New Year!

SLOPESIDE www.SlopesideMusic.com

Hello and Happy Holidays!

We wanted to share some of the many great things are in the works for SLOPESIDE!

As you may already know, we have been busy writing and recording our latest album at Coupe Studios in Boulder, Colorado for quite some time now. We are delighted to let you know that it's almost ready to share with you! "One Lane Town" is an exciting collection of 11 original song-stories about life and love. We hope they also convey the real sense of arrival we are experiencing as both a band and as individual musicians.

We're taking January off to put some final polish on things, and although we're going to make you wait for a Spring release of One Lane Town, we are really pleased to share of the first single from the new album with you! We're so excited about it that we're offering a FREE download of "Ophelia" as our special gift to the first 50 people in the door on at our first gig of the year - we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

Please mark your calendars and make plans to join us on January 31st, 2014 in Windsor, Colorado at Ricky B’s Pub and Music Venue (concert side doors open at 7pm). We'll be playing many of the new songs from the album, a lot of favorites from our first two CDs - and of course the classic rock favorites that we all enjoy!

This will be a special night not only because of the release of our new single, but also because we'll be raising awareness for the Love Hope Strength foundation during this event ~ as well as helping them increase the number of potential donors on the national marrow donor registry. Each person added to the registry significantly increases the chances of finding a life saving match for a cancer patient in need of a bone marrow transplant. This is our third benefit for this great organization - they are near and dear to us!

By special request, we are offering a few Reserved VIP Tables at this event! For only $25.00 you'll receive FOUR tickets for the event AND guaranteed copies of Ophelia! Just reply to this email for more information about pre-purchase of table seating. In addition to adding donors to the registry, 10% of the bar proceeds, $1 from each ticket sold, 50% of band merchandise sold that evening and $5 from each VIP table reserved will be donated to the Love Hope Strength foundation. Did you know that of the 6000+ people currently searching for a marrow donor in the United States alone only 30% will find a match in time? Help us help others! We can't guarantee that you will be a match for a cancer patient in need but you will get awesome mojo-juju points!

From Arn, Karen, Cody, Trish and Norris...we wish you all a very happy holiday season and a Rockin' New Year!! We hope to see you on January 31st at Ricky Bs!

SLOPESIDE - http://www.SlopesideMusic.com

News in 2013

Hello all. Slopeside has been working hard on the new album and see some light at the end of the tunnel. We have show lined up this year through out the Colorado's Front Rang and surrounding areas. Come out and see what we do live! Thank you all for your support and look forward to releasing the new album soon.

Slopeside www.Slopesidemusic.com

New music from Slopeside in 2012

Slopeside is back at Coupe Studios in Boulder CO starting work on our 3rd album. Be on the lookout for New Music to be released by mid 2012. Keep up to date with Slopesides Calendar for new show in your area at: www.Slopesidemusic.com

Front range band Slopeside charms with new release 'Road To Oblivion'

CD Review by: Thomas Walsh With only one CD release in the past six years, it’s obvious that Slopeside is not a band to rush things. Now, no longer a one CD band, Slopeside’s sophomore release hit’s the public sat feb 19th with a CD release party at the Walnut room. While their first release may have been admirable, Road to oblivion is probably their finest work to date. Wrapped in warm, rich, flowing melodies, the vocals don’t pop, rather they become a part of the music itself, perfectly melding with the ebb and flow of the notes. On most songs his voice is smooth as silk, but a rasp is just under the surface straining to get out and not always kept in check. The rasp is there when needed, which is not often, as the style of the songs rarely call for it. More often than not the songs call for a harmonizing that comes across as close to perfect as you can get. The songs, by and large, teeter on the classic rock, soft rock, contemporary edge never really falling one way or the other, while just a couple songs give a nod to folk and country. Neither folk or country ‘She’s So Fine’ is more of swinging tune that almost boarders on rockabilly but reigns it in just enough to stay consistent with the rest of the album. The safe bet says this song is about a car/hotrod, but it could all be completely tongue in cheek. The distorted guitar on this song should seem out of place when it bursts to life without warning, however, the song almost begs for the rough guitar at the end and it probably wouldn’t sound as good any other way. Pick any song on this CD and not one of them would sound any good other than the way they were deliberately written. From the country tinged ‘Rodeo’, to the epic sounding beginning of ‘Liberty’, to the pure emotion of ‘Love You More’, every song on this CD is solid, showing just how adept all the members of this band are at their specific parts when it comes to writing. As solid as the writing is, it is also full of emotion rounding out the over all feel of the CD nicely. Soothing, and tranquil, this album would be ideal to listen to in times of tenderness with a significant other, or if you’re hoping to make someone a significant other. Most, If not all, of the songs on this album deal with very real, everyday situations making it easy to relate to just about every word that is sung. Been hurt in a relationship? There’s a song for you here. Ever love someone so much that is was hard to put into words? There’s a song for that as well. Best listened to on a snowy day, snuggled in a blanket with a log crackling in the fireplace, this CD screams professionalism, heart and talent and as long as you’re not expecting loud, crunchy guitar, screaming vocals and you’re okay with a more grown up style of contemporary music this album should bring a smile to your lips. Slopeside CD release party - Walnut Room Sat. Feb. 19th

The SANYO Exacti Sound Recorder

The company SANYO has come out with a new portable audio recording device that we have recently been sampling thanks to SANYO. It's call the SANYO Exacti Sound Recorder, smaller than your cell phone, easier to use than your TV remote, and better quality that any digital recorder out there. Recently SANYO provided our band Slopeside to sample and review the new recorder. It's been great using the Exacti, at shows we just gaff tape it to a distant wall or just right on stage turn it on and leave it to record our whole gig. What’s even better is that it’s even easier to transfer to your PC, Plug the unit in with its Micro USB and your computer see’s it as a drive. The SANYO Exacti also does more than just recording; it’s a MP3 Player, FM Radio, among other features. This is the perfect recording unit for every musician weather you use it to Write, Practice, Sound Clips for you studio sessions, Live performances and so on. View more about this great unit at: http://sanyo.com/news/2010/01/15-2.html . Thank you SANYO for the great opportunity to test out your new product. Slopeside: www.SlopesideMusic.com SANYO Exacti Sound Recorder: http://sanyo.com/news/2010/01/15-2.html