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Awake in a Dream wants to hear the songs mean to Fans !

I was looking over a list of questions emailed to me 4 an interview and I began to realize how much more exciting,interesting and possibly entertaining an interview with this bands MOST IMPORTANT members . . . THE FANS! As I am preparing to bring this music to you all this summer, I could use the inspiration and unique perspectives some of you may have on one or more of these songs. . . .

No matter how simple or detailed .... Please let us know what they make you feel like or what they are about ... Perhaps you feel that it would have been beter had I done this, that or some other thing. Is there a particular tune you blast in your car with the windows down weilding your air guitar! Has a particular tune helped you deal with something or you feel that they all SUCK except this one tune . . . and you would stongly advise us to do more in that vein if we want to avoid dissapearing into obscurity! Speak on it !!

Sincerely JH

Awake in a Dream

Awake in a Dream has relocated

Things are going pretty good since we relocated here to Phoenix, AZ.The whole band hasn't made it over to this locale yet, so I'll probably be doing some acoustic shows not too far off while we wait for a touring schedule.at which time we'll assemble finishing details of the show that our remaining budget will allow.

I'm quite excited about the move and inspired by the possibilities here in the not so distant future.So naturally I've begun writing new material and I'm noticing an interesting thing. The pace over here is different and it seems as though I have some new freedoms. Without going into great detail about what those are to me, I'd like to say that I think it has something to do with the fact that LA is a massive city and it needs to consume tons more of the personal energies and time that its inhabitants have just to keep afloat. Really it's just simple economics because it costs me about a third of what it costs in LA.But you probably already know that.

I feel a lot more like I do now than I did when I got here.=) JH