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YES I'M EXCITED!!! So I literally just got back from LA yesterday. I didn't get into any trouble when I was there and was thoroughly productive the whole time.. (yea shocking.) I feel like I need to share a bit of what's going on over heeyuhhhhh in mah WORLD. Crazy Jessica's world. What was I doing there you might be asking yourself??? Well I was writing songs, recording new songs, playing a little show, and attending NAMM. What I'm most excited about is one song in particular I recorded, "Show Me Yours" if you've been apart of the mailing list for a while or have seen me out live you probably know what song this is. If not, then you're in for an even bigger surprise. Either way, it's going to SURPRISE. No doubt about that. I don't want to give away too much description of the style or sound musically. I want you to be surprised and then make your own opinion of it afterwards, once it's released! I can honestly say that after that vocal session and writing these songs recently in LA, I've found what I really love musically and i'm expressing that now. No holding back. Just expect lots of groove, grit, catchy melody, and colorful lyric from here on out. I've had lots of time to perform on stage and make cover songs my own, and get feedback from my last project. Now it's time to really express what I've embraced of who I am as an artist! Hold on tight, gonna be a wild ride.