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2010...year of the TIGER!

So I've been saying for a while now, that I have a really really good feeling about 2010. I guess since last October, or so. And let me just tell you...so far...it's really been awesome. So I'm walking through Border's Books and Music the other day, and as I pass a bargain shelf, a small orange book catches my eye. "Your Chinese Horoscope 2010" So of course I pick it up, because I find astrolgy pretty interesting. It turns out that my birthdate makes me a Tiger in Chinese astrology. I'm pretty sure I already knew that for whatever reason, so I read on. It also turns out...that Tigers everywhere are gonna ROCK OUT in 2010! It mentioned lots of growth in your career and talents. It also specified for tigers to NOT look back upon past failures, in order to reap the greatest benefit from current opportunities that are in store. See...I KNEW I had a good feeling :) Hope that someone reading this is a Tiger and is pumped as I am. Happy Sunday. LOOOOVVVEE!