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Almost Summer

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing great.

Not quite sure where to start this time…. It has been quite an exciting and somewhat surprising past couple of months…. even though days have been long there never seems to be enough time for everything and everyone. I have been working so hard on new tracks for my album. I’m trying to make time for other projects too, such as writing for other artists and performing live with various acts and some session work along the way. When I am home from tour or from doing promos for CT, I always look forward to spending time with my family and friends. I always seem to have deadlines to meet and my social time suffers, I am certainly not complaining, with the present economical climate at such a low I count myself lucky to be so busy.

Preparation seemed to going quite smoothly for our 2011 Fall Tour with CT until another bomb-shell was dropped. I received the call to tell me that Ryan had decided to go his own way. I have to say i really didn’t see that one coming. Just as is Paul, Ryan is such a big part of CT in character and spirit. Off stage, I always enjoy having a chat and a good laugh with Ryan, I will miss that too. With a talent like Ryan’s, he can only do great things and I wish him all the best.

When Sharon asked me to come forward as one of the 5 singers, it was not a straight forward decision. For one, I was trying to get my head around Ryan’s exit and two, I have been very comfortable with my role in the show as guitarist and singer which is what I am and what I always have been. I guess I was concerned about losing my identity. Having said that… to be asked to front and sell the show as a principal is a very positive thing and I am very proud to be flying the flag with the guys a little more than before.

I have been reading loads of the comments on the various websites and would like to thank all of you guys for your amazing encouragement and kind words. I hope you realize how much your positivity helps us all to perform and to be stronger in what we do.

I am really looking forward to sharing my new album with you all. Its coming down to details and which songs will make the cut. Time is of the essence but I will get there and when I do you will be the first to know.

For now, I had better get back to work and will be counting the days till I am packing the cases, tuning the guitars and heading to America and Canada for the first performances of Fall Tour 2011, meeting you guys and seeing your smiling faces once again.

Take good care.


Life on the road

It is now the 8th of October and a busy month of filming, touring and meeting new people has already gone by.

It has been a somewhat different experience for me as I have been moving out to centre stage to sing solo.

I have to admit it still feels odd to sing out front, without my guitar but really nice and on the other hand, often easier to express the true meaning of each song.

I have been enjoying every minute of the spotlight as the Celtic Thunder fans have been so supportive towards me and have given me more confidence to deliver what they deserve and have come to see.

I have got to know a lot of the C.T. fans and they give me a real comfort on stage when I walk out and see them or hear them first.

I really did not know how the C.T. fans would take to my own music and I have been quite overwhelmed to have received the feedback and positivity from all who have listened so far.

I really miss my family back at home and think about what they are doing everyday.

I am looking forward to returning home on my sisters birthday, to bring her out and spoil her a little!!! For now, I will stay focused, continue working hard and give the best I can to my home from home.

As the man said, “God loves a trier”...

Hope to see you soon,


SabbyR  (about 7 years ago)

I am so glad you have been able to feel the support of the CT fans as you have joined center stage. It is wonderful to see you have the opportunity to sing out front and display your great talent. I am certain that being on the road takes its toll, and it is easy to miss home and those you hold dear. I hope the support and encouragement you feel from the fans will be able to carry you through as you await to join those back home. Enjoy the tour and keep up the great work! You deserve all the best that is to come!

Take care,

mostlyunaware  (about 7 years ago)

I can't imagine doing what you do - mostly because I have no talent in that direction - but it must be very hard to be away from home for so long. But at the same time, I hope it is gratifying and exciting and a professional challenge, because that's what makes life good when you're following your passion. We're just lucky that you share that talent and passion with us! Thanks!

Play lots of tennis, keep up with your family, write good songs, and save a little energy for the evening show in Atlanta - it'll be my first CT show. Best!

Home after the PBS Spring 2010 Promo

Hi Everyone!

Back home from the three week PBS Promo Tour. Sharon had divided all of us into pairs to cover different parts of the US. Ryan & George went west, Paul & Damian went South/Midwest, and Keith, Sharon & myself took the East Coast. We covered a lot of the country in a short amount of time, and it all went by quickly. I have been with Celtic Thunder from the beginning, but participating in the Promo Tours, and now as one of the lead vocalist for Celtic Thunder is all new to me, and quite an experience!

Performing with Celtic Thunder for the past few years, I have always had my guitar to keep me company while on stage. I did not have this luxury with the Promo Tour, and had to perform live without my guitar, "easier said than done." At first, I was really nervous, but after a week or so, everything started to fall into place, and felt right at home, and was an incredible experience.

When you are on tour, the bus becomes your home, and the lap top becomes your best friend- as it's usually the only tool to keep in touch back home, and to escape the small confinement of the bus, even for a short periods of time. The long road trips can be a great inspiration for new compositions, as there have been some amazing songs that were written while on the road. Keep your fingers crossed, you may even see my own creation make it through the haze one day! Ha!

The strength in support that is given from fans of Celtic Thunder, who travel the country and give up so much of their time to be with us, is simply amazing. The fans play a huge part in the continued success of Celtic Thunder. All your support and encouragement keeps all of us going, and we thank you so much for it, and hope that we can continue to deliver to you the excellence, professionalism, and high energy that all the fans have come to rely on.

While on the flight back to Ireland, we were all exhausted, but felt that we made a large impact with the promo, and very much look forward to our next visit to the States in the Fall, and getting to meet many new faces, and some familiar as well. It would be awesome if we could have a sell out Fall 2010 tour! Celtic Thunder fans have beat the impossible, and I know that everyone can make this happen.

It's back to work again soon though! April will be very busy, as we have two albums to put together!

Thank you again for all the support and encouragement, and I will see many of you soon!


TiggerSue  (over 7 years ago)


Glad to hear you had a good time. I got to see Ryan and George on the Denver PBS channel. Can't wait for the concert in Denver. Will you sing more in the upcoming tour? You have a great voice and I think you are a wonderful addition.

Best of luck with the song writing. Can't wait to hear some.

Sue Engelhardt

suzeq  (over 7 years ago)

Neil, welcome to center stage! Paul and Damian were down our way, but we all got to see your debut on the PBS broadcast. I'm looking forward to another PBS promo in June, and of course, the show in November, with the whole "six piece" as Paul Tweeted, is going to be phenomenal. And in the meantime, I'm looking forward to more from you and your band! Briiliant stuff you've got here!

sweetsingerpa  (over 7 years ago)

Hi Neil!
I got your message on Twitter regarding adding you as a favorite on Reverbnation.com. I've done so and I am not worried that CT won't have huge US crowds. I am sooo lucky because I managed, by some miracle, to get a seat in the front row at your Sovereign Performing Arts Center afternoon performance in Reading, PA. Will be the brunette with the huge smile on her face, singing along with my clover leaf on my lapel. Also, I'll be attending your concert in Hershey, PA. Got to make up for lost time, right? God bless!


Jutta (JayCee)
Jutta (JayCee)  (over 7 years ago)

Neil, I am glad you enjoyed the promo tour and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Celtic Thunder is an amazing group with the most talented performers, singers. I am glad that you are now a solo artist with the rest of the guys.
I am very much looking forward to the November concert in Grand Prairie. It will be fun to meet you again.
Take care.