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TRUTH hurts and that's no lie. TRUTH is what you can't deny. TRY!

Find yourself running with no place to hide? Painting your picture so perfect start believing your own lies. Perfecting your stroke time after time. Word of the wise, I heard them say " The energy you feed is what you receive, deceive and shall be deceived!" Find yourself loyal with a bad seed? Karma, could it be? KEEP IT REAL! You want the TRUTH? Taking your pains! Grasp U! Karma, rightfully yours, one step behind let it run its course and you'll be fine. FINE as tomorrow...Come raine or shine.. You'll rise! ......

RISE!..... Clear view out your window, 48,000 feet in sky, Now my friend, OPEN your eyes! How does it feel graspingTRUTH it in the palm of your hand?

Vision so clear, Time on your side, Wisdom , Knowledge, TRUTH is near!

T.ime R.espect U T.rust H.eal


Miranda Lee XOXO