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Tonight is the NIGHT!!

YO! Tonight is the night of nights! Our CD release show is FINALLY upon us! \

A new era of Rock n' Roll will burst out like a Phoenix from the ashes and RISE.....ok that might be a little dramatic but you get what we mean!

We are very very excited for this! We can't wait for everyone to hear this album! We are proud of ourselves!

Come to 10th St Live (104 N 10th St) tonight in Kenilworth, NJ!

Starts at 8pm 21+ $5 Milan & The Sour Goat Long Faces The Elephant in the Room US DJ Pondman Spinnin till the eve is done! Costume contest, drink specials!

It's gonna be a great night!

Make sure to get there early, it can easily sell out!

See you tonight! ...and that's the bottom line cause THE DOWNRIGHTS SAID SO!

-The Downrights

CD Release Show

Happy Friday everyone! For those of you who haven't heard our Cd Release Show will be on Oct 26th at 10th St live. That gives you all 16 days to prepare yourselves to get your faces blown away. Milan and the Sour Goat, Long Faces, Elephant in the Room and Dj Pond Man will be sharing the stage will us that night. Wear your favorite halloween costumes people. This night will also double as 10th Street Live's Halloween Party. Be There!

We will be doing a lot of heavy promoting for the release of our new album. You can listen for us on 95.9 WRAT radio as well as Rutgers Radio. Also make sure to check out our interview with Paul Brasil shot at The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. You can find that right on our facebook page.

Remember Oct 26th. 16 days people.....16 days. Not 20 days. 16 days! Later.

Studio Update and then some...

Sup rockers?! May the 4th be with you! We here in The Downrights have been bustin' our behinds to get this album done, and it's nearing its completion!

We are so unbelievably excited for it to be done so you all can hear it! We promise, it's going to blow your mind right in front of your face!!

We have some new merch! Special (limited) edition Zombie T's. If we don't sell out in Boston this weekend be sure to grab one from the Parkway Sound Records web store. You're not gonna wanna miss out on these!

Speaking of Zombies...we ship up to Boston tonight to run and play at Saturday's festivities at the Run for your lives Zombie 5k!

This is SUCH an awesome opportunity, we are beyond excited!

That's pretty much it for now! Be on the look out for news and other updates, we have a few more shows that are going to be posted soon!

Tell your friends and keep the support coming! We can't do it without you!

So THANK YOU! 3 Downrights out!

Some updates and more!

What is up everyone?! We here in The Downrights just wanted to give a quick little update about what's been going on with us! So check it! Our studio sessions for our up coming album "This American way of life" have been going incredibly well! Parkway Sound Records (check their facebook page too!) has been doing right by us to the absolute max! We cannot thank them enough! We also have an incredible engineer! David Hendrick Productions is where its at! We have new merch- New shirts (which are too dope, you MUST buy one), and a re-pressing of our first EP "Into the dark" with all new artwork (a definite must have)! In the near future we are also going to have special edition Zombie shirts for our performance at the Run for your lives event in Boston, MA on May 5th! Gonna be SO killer! We also have a last minute show just added! https://www.facebook.com/events/205547036223675/ This thursday at 10th Street Live we will be rockin the night away! It's our first time there so we are very excited to check it out and to take a mini set break from recording. We go on at 9:30-10! Then it's back to the studio on Friday! So come out and have some fun with us, na mean?! Seriously, this album is going to blow your brains clear from your skull, so listen with caution! Thank you again for all of your unending support! It really means a lot to us! Keep it coming! Big things for us in the future and we want you all there with us! Have a great summer, K.I.T 555-555-5555

Unbelievable news!

Hey everyone! So we here in The Downrights have been bustin' our asses and it's finally paying off!!

We are being signed by a new record label called "Parkway Sound Records" !

We are sooped about this! A great group of people who are going to do great things for the music world..and us!

A lot of great things in our very near future! We have a show on March 18th at The Crossroads in Garwood at 8pm, with our boys in Go Falcon! It's going to be a blast!

We also are being played on Jersey Rat Radio 95.9! From March 13-16 at 11:30pm as promotion for our show on March 23rd at The Stone Pony with our friends Almost There!! (it's their CD release show!)

You don't want to miss this!! We have tickets in advance! $10 Be there!!

Then in April, we are heading back into the Studio to finish our FULL LENGTH ALBUM, "This American way of life..." (and our first release on Parkway Sound Records!)

Be on the look out for us! We are makin serious moves....

Thank you again for you unending support! We can't do it without you!!!

Keep the support and love comin! Let's take back music!

Much love, The Downrights

Shows news shows news!

Hey everyone!

So we're having an amazing 2012 so far, and it's all thanks to you!!

so on behalf of us, THANKS!!

Keep up the love, and the good words!

We have decided that we are no longer going to put out our "This American Way of Life" EP...BECAUSE WE ARE MAKING IT A FULL LENGTH!!

We have been writing a TON of new tunes (literally, their awesomeness weighs a ton) and we think that ya'll should be able to hear them too!

So be on the look out for that! We'll be heading into the studio soon!

Check out the shows section! We have several lined up for this month and March!

So come out to 1 or all of them!

In other awesome news, we have been selected to play for Run for your lives!

An awesome event held every couple of months where you run for your lives from a swarm of the undead! Then you get hang and watch us play awesome music!!

This is huge! and we are very excited to be a part of something so cool!

Thanks again for the support and love so far!

Keep it going!

XoXXooOOXX -The Downrights

Back from the dead!

Happy New Year Jerks!

We here in The Downrights here have been workin real hard writing new tunes, designing new merch, booking shows and being awesome!

We have our first of 2012 coming up on January 13th at our beloved Butch Kowal's!

DJ Pond Man will be spinnin and killin it!

Be on the look out for more shows being added!!

We are also proud to announce that we have been chosen to perform at Run for your lives in Boston on May 5th!!


Be on the look out as more info is given to us!

Thank you for all the support in 2011! Let's make it even more in 2012!!


-The Downrights

Butch's and Shows!

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to our show at Butch's Kowal's with our good friends Launch Pad and DJ Pond Man! We had a great time, and we had a sweet turn out! We can't thank you enough!

We have a show coming up this Friday put on by Black Dinosaur Entertainment at The Brighton Bar with Verity in Stereo, James Arlowe & The Ruffian Circus, and Monkeys in the dark!

$10 Advance Tickets $12 at the door RESERVE YOURS NOW!!!!


It's going to be an amazing time! You don't want to miss it!

Shows and News!

We have added SO many shows! So check out our TOUR section for all the information!

We want to thank FUBAR, Black Dinosaur Entertainment, and our great friends Verity in Stereo for having such a great show the other night! We had an absolute blast, and we can't wait to see them again...and we will..on Nov. 4th! (check tour section!)

In other news please check out our boys in The Pinstripes

They have started a kickstarter campaign to help raise money for their up coming release...so please check out THe Pinstripes Kickstarter

and donate some money to help them spread their love of music and talent to the world...do it up!

Might see one of our own soon...hope you're feelin' generous. haha..seriously...we're broke.

Again, thank you for your on going support! Tell your friends, come see us play...buy something. all are forms of love that we appreciate!

See you soon!

-The Downrights


Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since an update here, though you can see that on facebook we have been rather busy!

First off, thank you so much to everyone that made it out last night to our show at the Crossroads. And thank you to Formatic Clothing for having us on the event! Thanks to Ben Kelly, The Rose Riot, Stelladeora, and our bud's West the Defender! All those peeps rock, and ya'll should check them out!

Again, we had a blast, and we're glad that you did as well!

Check the tour section, we're adding shows and you should come to them!

In the very near future: some new merch (shirts, buttons, stickers) our EP (you know it's coming, but we're broke...) and maybe an acoustic EP? Be on the look out.

Make sure to tell your friends about us, and keep the support coming, we can't do it without you!

Sincerely, The Downrights