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Life around Disengage & Hemispheres

After our first demo 'Alter Ego' received good response by fans and critics we had a meeting to discuss our further plans. We came up with an idea of making a full fledged EP. We started writing stuff and initially came out with 4 songs. The best thing about Disengage EP was the involvement of all members to write lyrics and compose stuff. right from december to early march, we all finished writing 4 tracks and recorded too. It was a different vibe and everyone composed stuff influenced by artists whom we were crazy about. Right from old school thrash stuff to black metallish vocals, from arabian style to finnish melodic elements etc.... we came out with Disengage(title track), Built by Sand, Cant Live In Fear(The favourite song of our fans) and Fade Into The Dark. It was released on 19th March 2011, and the response was very good. Critics from Major websites like Indian Music Revolution gave 9/10 calling Disengage[EP] a typical 80's metal album shouts about our expert musicianship, Unholy Maunder giving 9/10 calling Disengage[EP] a stepping stone and with escalating mood of souls with brave ambience, My Metal Bin giving 8.5/10 calling Disengage[EP] as thrashy filled with poly rhythmic riff attack and creative synth and drumming. Before and after the release we had few gig's in support of EP. We were short-listed for Bangalore Region(Open for Dark Tranquillity, where 8 best bands in the city competed with each other and we came 4th place), played at International Wine Festival, BMSIT Utsaha in front of massive 400+ audience etc... Disengage proved to be a big success for Forsaken and paved a way for much better musicianship skill in future. After many gigg's band took a break for a month and returned in June 2011. Since our 1st official EP was a major success, and we had already began the writing process way back in january, we discussed about further stuff and we all were pumped up and ready to continue write and nail some strong stuff. We continued writing new material and band upgraded their gears to increase the production of music. We got a keytar to compose more melodic passages, Mapex double pedals for aggressive drumming and so on. We had planned to write stuff for our début album very soon and without wasting much time we began the writing process. Around mid june band resumed writing stuff with an aim of making a concept album based on human emotions. Right from January to September, 7 tracks were written and recorded. During the writing process, Shivam Aggarwal joined Forsaken as a lead vocalist and the songs were recorded at our home studio. 2 of the tracks from early demo 'Alter Ego' (LIES and Alter Ego) were rewritten and 5 new originals were composed. The record was written aggressively raising the bar of complexity. 7 tracks which were written are 'Nothing', 'DesolateD Dreams', 'The Impossibility of Reason', 'Alter Ego', 'LIES', 'Hemispheres' and 'Unsterblich'. The album was titled "Hemispheres" and art work was released. Nolan Lewis(Kryptos), Manek D'Silva(Slain) and few others were requested to review few of the songs from album and the response was very good calling Forsaken a unique band to create such music in India metal scene and appreciating the way music was composed with song structure like Moon-spell and Amorphis. 3 of the tracks were released and featured in Unholy Maunder India Metal Compilation featuring 5 international bands. The songs have been described as very complex and typical Forsaken style. Currently band is very excited and looking forward to release the album in September. Post production work is going on and we have already played few gig's in support of album. We hope all our fans, friends, enemies(lol) everyone enjoy the music and spread it. Stay METAL \m/

Making Of Alter Ego

We started working on Alter Ego around last week of June. Had no pre plans or such, we started composing stuff. One riff lead to another n continued until we got some good experimental sound. Our main concentration was 'Every song should sound diffrent'. In first few days we were ready with title track Alter Ego. We got new Yamaha DTXplorer Electric drum kit with mixer and other studio stuff for recording. Gave recording a shot and it sounded superb.

We all were trying some random shit on instruments and intro drum beat of Wings Of Destiny came out and structered properly with guitar followed by key's and bass. It was a challenge to structure this experiment because we had mixture of Thrash with Nu-Metal in it. Then we went through Silent Voices followed by few other tracks. It was an awesome experience composing different stuff. But L.I.E.S was the one in which we added lot of elements and had tough time recording it. A totally different fun in composing the longest track of the album.

Finally after 3-4 months of hardwork we came out with final product which sounded good and melodic inspite of no mixing and few other things related to recording. Alter Ego Tracks were released one by one and we got an awesome response from our fans. Our album was reveived by musician from bands like Crash TV, Cryst Ascendance etc.

Finally we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our fan's who loved our music and gave their honest responses. We promise to get better, faster and more melodic.

Cheers \m/