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The Show Must Go On!! - Silvie's Lounge

45 mins into the trip and we blew a head gasket on our main truck! but thankfully we had the Road Trip following along behind us in the chase vehicles. After and hour of debate on the side of the southbound highway we had our decision, "The show must go on!" our friends and support litteraly made us pack the bare minimum nesessities and loaded us up into one of the chase vehicles and sent us on our way with kind words, "We'll take care of this, you guys get to the show!".

Truly a great thing to have that type of support!

We'd like to give a huge thanks to Stone Cold Outlaw, and to SoundSmith for allowing us the use or your cabs and drums!

We would also like to give a big Shout Out to Nasti Habits from Diamond Rexx for attending the show as it was a great great privilege to meet a legend in his own town! Rock On man!

An, Silvie your a doll hun thank you for having us out!!!!!

Harpos Annual Halloween Bash!

The Mushroomhead Halloween Bash October 26th, 2012 at Harpos in Detroit, Michigan.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! $17 Adv. $20 at the door Reserve your Tickets Directly from Violent Faith for $15 Adv. !!

Ticket Contacts: Phone: Tracy K. 231- 955-5277 (please leave message if no answer) Phone: Gary Thomas 231-709-9621 (please leave message if no answer) or Email: gtom410@gmail.com

World Famous Mushroomhead to share the stage with Violent Faith, 3 Phase, and Minus Two for a night to remember.

Violent Faith (Official)
Violent Faith (Official)  (about 5 years ago)

This show was over the edge! Man if you missed it then you missed one hell of a show as there were 20 bands including, Violent Faith, Unsaid Fate and Mushroomhead!

Violent Faith on Radio Unfriendly with Metal Sanza!

We just received word that Our songs have been Accepted and they have entered into Rotation as of today! (Sept 25th 2012) on radio unfriendly with Metal Sanaz.

Dircet quote: "Got them! your songs will be added to our playlist of radiounfrie ndly.com it will be in the rotation and will play for .... almost ever !" - Sanza

You can tune in to hear the Radio Unfriendly Show at any time day or night 7 days a week at any of the following:




You can also follow Metal Sanaz on Twittier at: Twitter.com/metalsanaz

Golgotha Sound Technologies
Golgotha Sound Technologies  (almost 5 years ago)


ERK Radio's Metal Monday to Feature Violent Faith!

Listen Now! Sept. 24th, Violent Faith Featured as promised on ERK Radio's Metal Monday!!!


Sharing the show tonight with a bunch of other metal groups from around the world, Episdoe 52 play list:

Hands – Violent Faith (direct) As We Fall – Violent Faith (direct) Room 101 – MACE (Road King Entertainment) Act Of War – MACE (Road King Entertainment) Drilling For Brains – MACE (Road King Entertainment) Someone Else To Blame - Killerfix (Road King Entertainment) My Kingdom – Killerfix (Road King Entertainment) Smoke For The Pain – Killerfix (Road King Entertainment) TL – Sydonia (AirPlay Direct) Intoxicate Me – On Level (AirPlay Direct) Earthquake Shakes Me Down – Saint Rebel (AirPlay Direct) Sell My Soul – Saint Rebel (AirPlay Direct) I Remain – Wixor (AirPlay Direct) Absolution – Abraxas Countdown (AirPlay Direct) Who Told You Could Eat My Cookies? - Austrian Death Machine

ERK FM International

Come check out ERK FM episode 277 International today, as Violent Faith's "Breathe" is to be featured on ERK FM Internationl alongside many other great unsigned artist such as:

Elina Englezou, Candy Rose, The Ukuleles, Plamen, Gibson, Matthew Davidson, Memomena, Annie, JKELL, and Elina Englezou.

Follow link or copy / paste link into your browser to listen to the show today: http://echoromeokilo.com/blog/?p=30196&cpage=1#comment-44416

Song list: Welcome – Elina Englezou (AirPlay Direct) Just Wanna Play (My Ukulele) - The Ukuleles (Prescription PR) Over The Rainbow – The Ukuleles (Prescription PR) London (Original) – Candy Rose (Deuce Management & Promotion) London (Acoustic) - Candy Rose (Deuce Management & Promotion) London (Klubjumpers Mix) - Candy Rose (Deuce Management & Promotion) Falling From Grace – Plamen (Deuce Management & Promotion) By My Side – Plamen (Deuce Management & Promotion) Losing You – Gibson (direct) Tell Me – Gibson (direct) The Middle – Matthew Davidson (Musik & Film) Capsule – Memomena (Prescription PR) You Couldn’t Have Been More Right – Annie (Ambicon Records) How Deep Is Your Love – JKELL (Musik & Film) Breathe – Violent Faith (direct) Hear Me Out - Elina Englezou (AirPlay Direct)

Come check out The Bug Cast with Dave & Caroline

The BugCast recently (Aug 31st 2012) featured Violent Faith's "Into Light" on episode 226 alongside some other great artists:

Josh Woodward, Sean Fournier, On Returning, The Glass Child, Thoola, Tipsy In Chelsea, Ay-14ice,

Come listen, like, love and request more at episode 226 today Thank You! http://www.thebugcast.org/2012/09/01/the-bugcast-226-keeping-it-short/

47 Days....Reflection...

Just realized that it has been 47 days since we uploaded our Demo Tracks... just over a month.

We've gone from non existent in the lives of many to climbing charts on internet radio stations and podcasts, making a "Hall of Fame" ranking with visitors from all over the globe as our flag counters and map widgets have been keeping record.

We can only imagine what the next 47 days holds for us...

To ALL of you we want to say THANK YOU! Keep on, keeping on everyone: like us, love us, link us, fan, favorite, flawnt, request and submit us to your local gig-gery or station as we HOPE to come play for you LIVE as soon as the plot warrants.

P.S. We are currently looking for a National Booking Agency and Manager to help us handle our needs.

Violent Faith (Official)
Violent Faith (Official)  (about 5 years ago)

Oddly enough our live interview on The Mr. Producer Show, Oct 13th at 9:00PM will be the end of the next 47 days for us it should make for an interesting show on top of everything else that's been going on.

Violent Faith (Official)
Violent Faith (Official)  (about 5 years ago)

Well as mentioned the Mr. Producer show was a hit! and was added as one of the shows Top 5 interviews!

Now 118 days in... we've had our first Recording / Production Contract come in that we scrutinized over for two weeks and debated... but ultimately had to pass on for now. Though still in contact with the company.

With a Limited Edittion DVD / CD set out and our EP "The Thing" now set to be put into print and released....What more could we ask for.

Our fans have been the driving force and we thank you!

Golgotha Sound Technologies
Golgotha Sound Technologies  (almost 5 years ago)

Just stick with it and your hard work will pay off in the long run.

Some Current Updates for You

Recently we've been sporting our music to many different radio stations, podcasts, internet radio stations to gain some Global Exsposure so that we can get out of Michigan for a while and come see you live in your home town.

Here is a short list of stations and internet casts that we have submitted to so that you can tune in an listen. Please also take a little time a send us a request for a gig in your local home town so that we know where we should focus our bookings Thank You!

Unfriendly Radio with Metal Sanaz: http://www.radiounfriendly.com/ DarkCompass Radio: http://www.darkcompass.com/2012/08/21/dcms-76-4warned/ The Bug Cast - Rathole Radio - Moj Odtwarzacz, Poland - Edinburgham Podcast, Scottland - ERK FM Metal Monday Show - Dave's Lounge - DarkHorse Radio - AMPED Radio, UK - Euterpia Radio, France - Idiosyncratic Transmissions - Indiefeed - Is This Thing On?? Podcast - The Come Up Show - Insomnia Radio, International - Earbits -

NME Magazine, London - Unsigned Radio Lounge - LosingToday, Rome - Organart Studio D, UK - Parx-e Webzine, Australia - Sirius XM, NY - RCI Music Promotion, TN - KERRANG! Radio, Canada - WBCX Internet Radio - KYHY, CA - KRIM FM, AZ - Radio Rietveld, The Netherlands - Krankit Radio, MA - WOJB Collge Radio, WI -

More to be sent out......Stay tuned!

Thursaday Night Show Case!! Poze Radio, Chicago

Listen right now at this link we are on Poze Radio!! Thursaday Night Show Case!! http://pozeproductions.com/page/pozeradio2

We are also one of the featured artist for this week Thursday Aug 16th 2012 to Thursday Aug 23rd 2012 with "Selling Me"

VF - on Black Collar Radio, Philadelphia!

In Rotation Now on Black Collar Radio, Philadelphia! We are coming your way, thank you BCR for your support of our efforts.


Come listen to Black Collar Radio: http://www.blackcollarradio.com/

Golgotha Sound Technologies
Golgotha Sound Technologies  (almost 5 years ago)

This is a great station, congratz guys!