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Not looking to good...

Things are not looking to good for the project as of late. we are sorry to say…. While members are out in other projects things just have to be put on hold till further notice.


Where We're Headed?

Not sure where we're headed in 2015 as of yet. While trying out new members we've found many great musicians. Not sure if we will rekindle this project or not as of yet, but stay tuned we'll keep you updated! Thank you to everyone for your support. Thru thick an thin. Rock On.

Tryouts Are Open Now!

Tryouts are now open to Drummers and Vocalists who may want to be a part of the new line up for 2015. Shoot us some links or a message either here or on our Facebook page if you have anything posted with you playing and are interested in trying out for the project. Thanks! ~VF

New things on the way

We hope 2015 will be the relaunch, with a new line up and reconfigured sound!! So stay tuned!

Currently on vacation...

The band is currently on vacation, and we are not booking shows at this time, as current members have been very busy with their side projects. We hope to see you again real soon though with a fresh new line up and sound!

Project Reformation - 2015

We have recently been in the process of rebuilding and reforming. So when our vacation time is up we will have some new music out for you!! Stay tuned more information to come! ~VF

What happens next?

We do plan on producing more music in the future, but right now with Gary Thomas being signed to an independant label with Minus Two this project has been placed on hold. We thank everyone who has supported the project!! and we hope that you will continue to follow us in the future. The music that we have released over the last two years we still do support, however all of Tracy's music has and will be Discontinued and we will No Longer be playing it live. We know it's sad for some, but the show must go on with or without. We wish him well in all his endeavours. VF~

For Future Bookings

Violent Faith Is NO LONGER associated with nor are we working with CSBT Management or with Cindy Sue Bearup-Thompson.

For future Bookings and Promotions in 2014 please contact Our Facebook page, or our Reverbnation Page directly.

Thank you!



Just dropping a word here for everyone that we'll be taking a small vacation for the holidays! But we'll soon return with some fresh new music and merch.

If you haven't noticed we've started removing the old recordings by Tracy Kerbuski to make room for the new ones!

So stay tuned as we plan to rock 2014!! Keep the Faith!


4th Anual Superstars Competition

Goto following link, click the artists tab, search for Violent Faith and then click VF in the results area then click on the "Judge" button under the bands bio in order to vote today!! for Violent Faith "Hands" in the Superstars 2013 Competition http://www.superstars2013.com/ In the Rock Category.