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A Way With Words

Glide on the theme of dreams Riddle the theories of the imagination Roam the world and the surrounding creations with these objects having a mind of their own Falling from hearts to paper and from thoughts to people Some of which may heal While others can cut simply to reveal Screaming amid danger or the voice of an angry sea It may take one to mean many things But many can bring down vast mountains or spring forth love's fountains Yet only three can infiltrate the flames of unforgiveness to reunite the reins of lost hearts or relieve indifference They allow us to free the freedom, ignite the seduction of passion, inspire and educate, anticipate and cherish But never use them to invoke fear or inflict pain, but to pray for peace Hence, we should not perish Remember to use them wisely Never in vain © 1999-2013 LK Media Library, GmbH