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All the way live!

In an attempt to get a live band up and rolling, I been concentrating on my chops and rehearsing. This time out your boy will be playing blues, randb, jazz, with some reggae, and classic rock sprinkled in. I am a funkster for life, but this project has an Albert Collins, BB King, Bobby Blue Bland, and Stevie Ray Vaughn flavor......aww SOOOKIE SOOOKKKKIE!

Radio production.

September 26th 2011. Black-n-Blue pRODUCTIONS is on the verge of adding radio production to it's repertoire as this post is being written. Details are fuzzy but will be posted soon. Wish us luck!

Black-n-Blue pRODUCTIONS

Hello peeps! This is June 19th, 2011 and happens to be fathers day. We have taken a break in studio and are trying to get collective thought together for new projects. So many things are going on right now with us looking at acting gigs, and voiceover work, that music seems to have taken a backseat role and that CAN'T happen! Therefore some changes need to be made and they are being made! Thank you for supporting Soloman Blue and black-n-blue pRODUCTIONS in any way that you do! We appreciate it and will continue to do so! Peace and love............

Good looking out!

Thanks for stopping by! Black-n-blue pRoductions strives to come up with better and better production, sound quality, and overall GROOVE...oldschool style mainly even though we produce for some young bucks too! Thanks ........Peace and Hairgrease! Blue