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Whiskey Project / Blog

Distance and the June Sessions

Today I spent the afternoon at Pinnacles National Park- taking a hike. It took about 4 hours, with some food breaks and stops to watch the California Condors, to walk about 9 miles. It made me wonder a bit about distance. To walk a loop of a handful of miles took me half a working day. To walk from Santa Cruz, California, where I live, to Schenectady, New York, where I was born & Whiskey Project's genesis, would take 963 hours according to Google Maps- roughly 40 days worth of walking or 160 days if you walk 6 hours a day- kind of a haul.

For a Whiskey Project meet up in Damian’s central location of Lincoln, Nebraska, it would take, by car, 23 hours and 59 minutes, 1676 miles, from Santa Cruz, and 19 hours and 31 minutes, 1310 miles, from Schenectady. But the beauty of our world today allows us to conference call at any given time and the next step looks to be to try one of those online “jamming” web services- we’ll see how much rock n’ roll can happen over this fancy Internet thing. Either way we live in a crazy time.

Either way- we are far apart and it ain’t easy making music that way. But we’ve been sharing songs through texts and emails as we build up some new material for the next album and summer recording sessions.

We decided this past week that there will be a Whiskey Project mini-tour this June- the western faction, Damian and myself, will be heading back to New York to reunion for a couple weeks of music. Stay tuned for show announcements over the next few months or so!


Everybody's Bottle CD Sleeves Printed!

During the first week of class in the Fall of 1992, my American History teacher had the class create a timeline of our lives. The point of the exercise was to show that the events of the world were not in contrast to the events of our lives. Although, it may seem like we live in insular worlds- the events of history are made in real time with ours. We watch them happen.

This week the Ukraine is in turmoil, the first openly gay man to play in the NBA signed a contract with the Nets and the bass player in my side band, Whiskey West, is the proud father of a new beautiful baby girl- Rose May.

Things happen and we continue to live or lives.

Well…. there are big things happening in our very own Whiskey Project land. We may not shake the New York Times with ours- but we are excited! Our first CD as a four piece, Everybody’s Bottle, is just about ready to be consumed as a physical entity. Our CD sleeves have been screen printed by Joe Horacek and Little Mountain Print Shoppe. We decided to take a different approach and have each one screen printed, not only because they look pretty stinking cool, but to also better support a great business in Lincoln, Nebraska. This CD was as Made in Nebraska as a CD can get these days.

Take a look at the pictures on the Whiskey Project Facebook page. The discs have yet to arrive but we’ll be announcing the official unveiling pretty soon. Stay tuned!


Everybody's Bottle- Some thoughts on growing old and still playing rock n' roll

Everybody’s Bottle EP Release

I’ll never write anything this long on this blog again- but let’s set the stage…

What happens when you’re 37 and your delusions of grandeur get the best of you? In some circles folks call it a mid life crisis. I mean at 37, that’s more or less half way there for an American male. I know I’m not much different than so many other 37 year old dreamers and wanna be’s. I always thought that by now I’d have at least one thing figured out, something to hang my hat on, something to humbly mention at parties where people who’ve just gotten back from Burning Man, Bali and Thailand converge to self replicate. But it just doesn’t seem that way. Maybe I’ve done a few things considered fun in certain circles and run of the mill in others- more likely I’m just a middle-aged American man whose life is, well, mediocre.

Five years ago, a week before my move across the country to the left coast surf enclave of Santa Cruz, something happened that reminded me of those hazy dreams of grandeur, of that drive to push outta mediocrity I vaguely remember. My 3 childhood friends- one I hadn’t seen in 10 years- with whom together had played in rock n’ roll bands starting at 13 years or so of age, decided to drink a little beer and whiskey and revisit the hits. Although, it had been many years since the last incarnation, for two boozy hours we stumbled through The Stones, and the Dead, Cash and Watchtower, and it was magical. We were the same stupid children- this time the beer was not stolen and the guitars not cheap, yet the crow’s feet lines growing around our eyes longer and deeper. But in that moment we still believed in friendship and rock n’ roll.

And thus began the Whiskey Project. On a late December night in 2008, in a house in the Stockade of Schenectady- a section of the city that was famously burned down in the Schenectady Massacre formulated and perpetrated by one of my very own blood hundreds of years prior- we revisited what it was like to rebuild, to dream again, even if only for a couple hours. Even if for a moment the world was still in front of us… there was no stints in war, no heart attacks, no suicide attempts, no fires- it was just 25 years of history that never happened, until it did.

Whiskey Project is our project- Mike’s, Eli’s, Damian’s and Eric’s. Four men that remember being together as boys in basements and bars, playing to the backs of heads and the glamour of lights, when we were young and our sins could mostly be forgiven. It’s our project and we are damn proud of it. In the grand scheme of the music world, it ain’t much yet, and maybe never will be- perhaps it will always be delusions of grandeur trailing us in the dark. But here it is, Whiskey Project’s second album together- music that was made together and born together. We may never be almost famous- but we’ll settle for being stuck in a mid-life crisis for some time- if that’s what brings us back together each year to be the dreams we thought we could be.

Everybody’s Bottle is a good EP- we all wrote it and we all love it. Enjoy it if you can and let it bring you back to when your dreams were still within reach, and remember, don’t give it up on that shit- cause it’s just as much yours as it is ours

What's Whiskey Project Up To?

Whiskey Project is an american alternative rock band with ties to Schenectady, NY and Boston, MA. Comprised of three childhood friends that have reunited since 2010 to collaborate in Whiskey Project, this is a ground-breaking musical act with very humble roots.

Their mission is to have fun playing music. It's a struggle to juggle life for Whiskey Project, but in spite of that, they are bringing Whiskey Project alive fairly quick.

Some of the goals and plans for 2011 are as follows: - Experience the SxSW Festival - Perform once again at the Down East Country Music Fest in Whitneyville, ME - Record 3/4 of their full length album due out in summer of 2012 - Perform at select music festivals - Cross the border and perform outside the US - Update their website and social networking sites - Begin to cultivate a fanbase

So far they are on task to meeting all of their 2011 goals. Their 2012 goals are a little bit more involved.

2012 Goals: - Launch a Quarterly Newsletter Campaign - Release their first full-length album - Perform at the SxSW Festival - Select performances in NY, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, NE, IL, OK, and Canada.

If you'd like to help, please join the street team, Whiskey Project is thankful for any help getting the word out.