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Whats good people? APOC wants to thank everybody for their support in helping us reach the level of success we have established over the past year. We have made many sacrifices and have worked really hard to get here. Our first single Night Train stormed clear channel radio and opened up many doors for us. Our second single "Control" ft. Ju Holliday is now currently in rotation on WSNX 104.5. this single is sure to set us over the top and truly separate us from our competition. In order to receive the deal we are looking for we have to become an online sensation and wrecking ball force. Our intentions are to flood the internet and truly dominate any web pages were on. In doing so we need your help. Word of mouth is a very in expensive tool and essential for success. We will be placing widgets all around the net. We encourage you to click them and help spread our story all over. Join our fan email system and encourage your friends and their friends to explore all of our sites. any time we post content on the web please comment as much as possible. We have to get our youtube views up. Were going to be uploading a lot of content we have collected over this past year for your display. Ask us what yo would like to see or hear from us. We need a lot of interaction with our fans. Were in the process of making an online street team, so if your interested leave us a message. Our success depends on not only us but our fans. Together we can make this happen. APOC TRICK!!!!!!